As Seen In My Gym Part 2

Last week I posted about the characters I’ve seen in my gym.  As I spend more time in the gym I see more of the regulars and characters.

Competition Carrie
Competition Carrie is an absolute gorgeous woman who lifts heavy. She is currently training for a competition and I have a woman crush on her. I would post a photo for WCM but I think it’s illegal to take photo of people and put it on your blog. (Since I wouldn’t plan to ask her).


Marathon Marie
Before you think this is me…surprise it’s not. She is currently training for another marathon. She ran NYCM but sadly I didn’t know her then…and of course there were 50,000 people.  She runs for an hour and mostly keeps to herself.


Sugardaddy Sam
If I ever needed to have a sugar daddy (no I don’t) I would have Sam. Sam hits on all the women I see around. I think I personally have a resting “bitxh face” so I don’t get his loving. He goes around trying to provide “support” and help to ladies while giving out his phone number. He is more of an evening gym goer so I don’t see him as much.  I think every gym has one (or many) of these guys.  Luckily my gym is smaller so I am only “blessed” to see one.


Elliptical Eddie:
He may or may not be breaking a speed barrier with the speed he does on the elliptical. I want to tell him to add resistance but it’s his workout not mine. Sometimes I think I could harness his power and never pay for electricity again.


Walk Club
Three ladies who walk together on the treadmill. One walks backwards, the other two forwards. Good for them getting an hour walk together….While there are only five treadmills and they use three.  I swear they always come after a perm because their hair is perfected shaped and curled.


Adorable Andy
Andy is between ages 70-80. He comes to the gym 1-2 times weekly. He walks, does a few weights with the trainer and leaves. I’m always happy to see and chat with him.


Blogging Betty
She stays on the AMT while checking emails and writing a post about what she sees and observes in the gym…(kidding I write my posts at home).


Questions for you:
Where is the best place to people watch?
Which gym are you a member of?



  1. I use the gym at my work but haven’t actually worked out there since marathon training started. I’ve been lucky enough to do all my runs outside.
    I love to people watch at the gym and also outside during my lunch. There are quite some characters out there.

  2. I have definitely seen a few ellipitical eddies at my gym! And I would think the same thing, ever heard of resistance? I was definitely marathon mary over the winter training for boston. And pissed as hell that it was too cold and icy to be outside.

  3. Best place to people watch ummm Wal-Mart definitely Wal-Mart hahaha lol and I use Planet Fitness currently. Another awesome/hilarious post and top-notch drawings again by the way lol 🙂

  4. Best place to people watch here… wow, that’s everywhere downtown :). And the people watching activities and people you see vary as to where you are in downtown Charleston. But the gym people watching is also interesting, especially in the afternoon (seems like more “characters” are in there then.

    We have an elliptical ‘club’ at my gym… same 5-6 people on the row of ellipticals every morning :). they are really nice though, it’s good they are all getting a workout in. I go to a local SC gym called Pivotal Fitness.

  5. Hahaha love these. And I’m still cracking up about the elliptical dude. I belong to the gym of Caitlin, which features lots of running, some bike riding, a touch of yoga, and strength training, along with lots of singing aloud and talking to myself (especially when I’m biking the trails). It’s a good time 😉 I have two favorite places to people watch…airports and the bars on a Friday and Saturday night, especially when I’m dding. Sooooo funny. I need to find drinking friends and volunteer to do that sometime soon. Been too long since I’ve done that….although my super early bedtime might get in the way of that.

  6. I belong to an Equinox and I have every one of those people at my gym! These pics and your comments are hilarious – thanks for starting my day off with a laugh!

    I like to go to the center of any town and sit on a bench and just watch the people go by. My friend and I used to do that in high school – we would watch the cars go by and pick out which one we would want. Good clean fun 🙂

  7. Oh my God, I love the pictures 😀

    I have an Adorable Andy at my gym too – he does exactly the same thing, but he always works out with the trainer who has a reputation for just about killing his clients because he’s so tough on them. It’s really funny to watch this trainer with Adorable Andy because his approach is completely different. Perhaps he’s scared he might literally kill the poor guy!

    I’m still taking ages with my post, sorry! I just can’t think of anything witty to say at the moment and I’m too busy moping to write anything humorous. I could be a professional moper.


    1. Potsdam is a liberal arts school was a good art program…my art credit was glassblowing though ha ha

  8. I think you hit all of the gym “types”. I really don’t hang out and people watch, but I guess I do most of my people watching while driving around.
    How is your self hosted blog going? I see that you have an ad or two. Are they enough to cover your expenses? I’m thinking of going self-hosted with WP on GoDaddy.

    1. I’m not self hosted actually. I’m using an upgraded version of WordPress. The ad I have (at the top) pays for about half of the entire cost and I don’t get any payment from netrition. I’m still working on finding more companies interested but I haven’t found companies that I really want (or make sense to be there).

      1. So are you using a premium theme or paying for no ads? I want to integrate my blog with a commercial site I am planning.
        With free WP you can only promote items that you make, but I am expanding beyond that now.
        Probably looking at a new name and everything.

  9. Best place to people watch: VB oceanfront. I belong to the YMCA and it’s honestly not that exciting for people watching. I’m sure there are plenty of people who think I’m a complete weirdo for doing all of the weird core exercises that I do, but I don’t personally notice anything exceptional at the Y. At the gym I used to work at in Tyson’s Corner we provided free towels to use and one guy used to come in every evening and take about 20 of them. He then proceeded to cover every square inch of the treadmill with them and tie one around him like a cape. A cape.

    1. The YMCA near my parents house are mostly elderly. Omg I cannot even imagine keeping a straight face with that guy.

  10. Oooh I love the elliptical eddies and Bettie’s of the world… I can’t help but stare…. And think really?! But you’re right it’s their work out not yours… I totally agree with FLRunnerboy, Walmart is the best place to people watch… Yesterday a girl completely lost it on her man friend… She threw the basket and was dropping f bombs left and right… I almost get anxiety going there but it’s never a disappointment;)

  11. Another great post! I could read these all day.

    I love to people watch at the gym, Wal-mart, the beach and amusement parks (oh, the people watching at Busch Gardens).

    I belong to OneLife Fitness and I love it even though we have some crazies there. I openly admit I am one of them.

  12. The pictures are just perfection! And Elliptical Eddie makes me laugh – I always think the same that the speed without resistance and going to cause the machine to break apart! I love people watching any and every where. Definitely have quite the cast of characters at the multiple gyms I frequent in NYC!

  13. I belong to Future Fitness and we have a gym at my office that I use most of the time. I like to people watch while I am out running along the river in Philly. Just seeing how other people run and what they wear is quite interesting and I often wonder what these people are thinking about while running.

  14. Oh the gym is definitely the best place to people watch. Although andrew and i went to six flags a week or so ago, and that place incredible. Like what not to wear, and how not to act all in one haha

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