As Seen In My Gym Part 2

Last week I posted about the characters I’ve seen in my gym.  As I spend more time in the gym I see more of the regulars and characters.

Competition Carrie
Competition Carrie is an absolute gorgeous woman who lifts heavy. She is currently training for a competition and I have a woman crush on her. I would post a photo for WCM but I think it’s illegal to take photo of people and put it on your blog. (Since I wouldn’t plan to ask her).


Marathon Marie
Before you think this is me…surprise it’s not. She is currently training for another marathon. She ran NYCM but sadly I didn’t know her then…and of course there were 50,000 people.  She runs for an hour and mostly keeps to herself.


Sugardaddy Sam
If I ever needed to have a sugar daddy (no I don’t) I would have Sam. Sam hits on all the women I see around. I think I personally have a resting “bitxh face” so I don’t get his loving. He goes around trying to provide “support” and help to ladies while giving out his phone number. He is more of an evening gym goer so I don’t see him as much.  I think every gym has one (or many) of these guys.  Luckily my gym is smaller so I am only “blessed” to see one.


Elliptical Eddie:
He may or may not be breaking a speed barrier with the speed he does on the elliptical. I want to tell him to add resistance but it’s his workout not mine. Sometimes I think I could harness his power and never pay for electricity again.


Walk Club
Three ladies who walk together on the treadmill. One walks backwards, the other two forwards. Good for them getting an hour walk together….While there are only five treadmills and they use three.  I swear they always come after a perm because their hair is perfected shaped and curled.


Adorable Andy
Andy is between ages 70-80. He comes to the gym 1-2 times weekly. He walks, does a few weights with the trainer and leaves. I’m always happy to see and chat with him.


Blogging Betty
She stays on the AMT while checking emails and writing a post about what she sees and observes in the gym…(kidding I write my posts at home).


Questions for you:
Where is the best place to people watch?
Which gym are you a member of?