New Balance 880v10 Shoe Review

New Balance 880v10 Shoe Review

New Balance Fresh Foam 880v10 Shoe Review

The New Balance 880 has been one of my favorite shoes for the last few years. The NB 880v10 is light, but with a lot of cushion. I’ve run in the New Balance 880v8 as well as the New Balance 880v9.

I’ve mentioned before, but I think New Balance, is making a comeback with all of their shoes. Both the New Balance 880v10 and the New Balance 1080v10 are two of my favorite shoes this season.

The New Balance 880v10 has gone through a few significant changes since the New Balance 880v9 but not in a bad way, just a different way. While it feel similar and serves the same purpose, the NB 880v10 also feels very different. The New Balance Fresh Foam 880v10 makes a great alternative if you’ve run in the New Balance Zante (something I couldn’t say until now).

New Balance 880v10 Shoe Review

New Balance Fresh Foam 880v10 Quick Facts:

Weight: 8.9 oz

Heel to Toe Drop: 10 mm

New Balance Fresh Foam 880v10 Fit:

The NB 880v10 now has a different look. A lot of people like the NB 880v10 look and say it appears less clunky and more streamlined. The New Balance 880v10 uses a new Hypoknit upper.

New Balance 880v10 Shoe Review

What is Hypoknit?

According to New Balance, Hypoknit forms the structure of the NB 880v10. It allows width but also locked support. You always want space in your running shoes, but the Hypoknit also gives the visualization that the shoe has more structure.

The Hypoknit is comfortable and doesn’t bunch up or pinch. One thing that is disappointing with the New Balance 880v10, is the more pinched toe box. The New Balance 880v10 is always known for a rounded toebox but this particular version is slightly more tapered and “pointed”. It still fits well, but some people feel as though the wide is slightly better (myself included).

Many models of New Balance’s have unique heel counters. The NB 1080v10 looks like a fin. I’m thankful the heel counter of the New Balance 880v10 is farily normal and holds the heel well without being too thin or irritating.

For me, I always wear between a 10-11 wide and the 10.5 in the NB 880v10 fits well.

New Balance 880v10 Shoe Review

New Balance Fresh Foam 880v10 Ride:

It’s always been interesting to me of why New Balance didn’t put fresh foam into their New Balance 880.  Fresh Foam is in many of their shoes. Previous versions of the New Balance 880 have had two layers of foam (like a sandwich).

Now, the New Balance 880v10 is all Fresh Foam and is designed to use more Fresh Foam when a runner traditionally land. To get techy, New Balance uses a larger hexagons design of Fresh Foam follow the areas of high pressure and smaller lugs fill in lower-pressure zones.

With the addition of the fresh foam into the New Balance 880v10, the shoe is going to feel different. Fresh Foam cushioning gives the New Balance 880v10 a bouncy feeling without being too mushy. You feel like you’re running on a soft cloud but still have a responsive ride.

One thing I do appreciate about the New Balance 880v10, is the amount of traction. It performs well in inclement and rainy weather. I do think the hypoknit holds water a little easier, but I don’t feel like I’m sliding around. The durable rubber helps your feet and the New Balance 880v10 stay planted during most any run.

New Balance 880v10 Shoe Review

New Balance Fresh Foam 880v10 Conclusion:

The updated New Balance 880v10 continues to be a staple trainer.  It’s a reliable and safe shoe that you can count on each year. New Balance has done a great job in all of their shoes and the NB 880v10 is no exception.

The addition of the Fresh Foam in the New Balance 880v10 is only positive (in my opinion). It gives the New Balance 880v10 a more plush and bouncy ride.

The updated Hypoknit upper allows the foot to move and breathe in the NB 880v10. Sometimes a brand updates a shoe too much and it can be “too much of a change”, but the New Balance 880v10 is a great update and continues to get better.  So while yes, the NB 880v10 is a change, it’s a good change.

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