Spibelt Running Belt Review

Spibelt Running Belt Review

Spibelt Review

One of the most common questions I get is, “how do you hold fuel or gels while running.”  I have never minded holding my cell phone (or using Koala Clip), but I hate going out for a long run carrying a bunch of stuff. I’ve had my original Spibelt Running Belt for over a year now but am just now writing a Spibelt Review.

What is a Spibelt?

Spibelt Running Belts is a “small personal item belt holds all of your important personal items discreetly during any activity” from hiking, to running, to heck even visiting an amusement park like Disney. I also say Spibelts are like the “fanny pack” without the fanny.

Spibelt Running Belt Review

If you do long runs, you might notice you need to carry fuel. When I was marathon training and doing long runs, I like a comfortable belt that doesn’t bounce while I’m running. If the belt bounces, I’ll never use it again. That’s just annoying. While I have leggings with pockets, I have had fuel fall out of those pockets, so I prefer a zippered belt to carry it.

Spibelt Running Belt meets that requirement. First, Spibelts don’t bounce, slide, rub, or annoy me while running. Second, Spibelts are relatively cheap.

Spibelt mentions that quality and durability are important. I’ve had mine for over a year with no issues (which is unfortunate because there are some cool colors out now).

Spibelt Running Belts are easy to adjust as well. Simply adjust it to your preferred size and then clip it into place. Even if I’m going on a 2 hour day hike, I use Spibelt to hold a few items.

So why a Spibelt Running Belt?

I have the original “Personal Item Belt.”  It can hold all of these things:

  • Cell phone (even the large Galaxy note cell phone)
  • Key
  • ID
  • Cash & Credit Card
  • Fuel

Spibelt Running Belt Review

Why do I personally like the Spibelt Running Belt?

  • Chafe-free
  • Stays Put and Bounce-free (we all know neither is life or death, but both are annoying)
  • Expandable (Plus, if you don’t fill it to the brim, it won’t flop around). The pocket expands to hold 6.5″ x 3″ x 2″
  • Sturdy: I’ve had mine for over a year with no issue
  • Easy sizing: Fits waist size 24″ through 47″
  • Water Resistant: We all run in that rain. You can’t swim with it or use it underwater, but you can use the Spibelt Running Belt in inclement conditions.

So in all, the Spibelt Running Belt is a great option if you’re training. I use it for a run more than 10 miles.

Spibelt Running Belt Review

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Spibelt before?

How do you hold fuel on a long run?