Mizuno Wave Sky 3 Shoe Review

Mizuno Wave Sky 3 Shoe Review

Mizuno Wave Sky 3 Shoe Review

I haven’t found a Mizuno shoe I’ve liked as much as the Mizuno Wave Engima in quite some time. A few weeks ago, I went for a group run with our Mizuno rep and he let me run a few miles in the Mizuno Wave Sky 3. I couldn’t believe how much I liked them and it was a shoe I was looking for. A high cushioned, neutral trainer, that could take the pounding of easy runs.

While I’m familiar with the previous versions of the Mizuno Wave Sky, I haven’t run any significant mileage in them.

The Mizuno Wave Sky 3 is different from traditional Mizuno models like the Wave Rider and Wave Inspire. The Mizuno Wave Sky 3 lacks the Mizuno Wave Plate and I’ll get into that later.

Mizuno Wave Sky 3 Shoe Review

Mizuno Wave Sky 3 Quick Facts:

Weight: 9.3 oz

Drop: 10 mm

Mizuno Wave Sky Waveknit 3 Fit:

Mizuno has gone to the “Waveknit” upper in many of its models. I reviewed the Waveknit R2 and Waveknit R3 (the Mizuno Wave Rider but a different upper).

The Waveknit upper in the Mizuno Wave Sky 3 makes the shoe fit and feel different. The knit construction gives the shoe a lightweight structure and a more streamlined fit. It doesn’t feel constricting but allows the foot to breathe. According to Mizuno, the waveknit upper construction provides a comfortable fit with natural movement.  It does feel slightly tighter than the traditional upper and I typically recommend going up a half size.

Mizuno Wave Sky 3 Shoe Review

The Waveknit Upper uses an open-knit pattern, which allows sweat to evaporate. With the removal of a few overlays and the Waveknit mesh upper, it’s about .2 ounces lighter.

Fit wise; the Mizuno Wave Sky 3 fits fairly true to size. From time to time, a Mizuno shoe is too narrow for my foot. In running shoes, I wear anything from a women’s size 10-11 wide and I’ve found the size 11 to fit perfectly.

Mizuno Wave Sky 3 Shoe Review

Mizuno Wave Sky 3 Ride:

The Mizuno Wave Sky 3 uses a brand new cushioning that removes the “Wave Plate” altogether. What is the Wave Plate? Why does it matter?

Mizuno’s Wave Plate is in almost all of their shoes. It’s a thin, rigid piece of plastic between the layers of the midsole. It’s what gives Mizuno shoes that firm but smooth transition while running.

Without the Wave Plate in the Mizuno Wave Sky 3, the shoe is much softer and plush experience. So if the Mizuno Wave Sky 3 doesn’t use the traditional wave plate, what does it use?

The new midsole of the Mizuno Wave Sky 3 uses a combination of XPop PU Foam and Mizuno u4icX midsole (Mizuno foam wave that delivers a softer underfoot feeling).

Mizuno Wave Sky 3 Shoe Review

Another component I appreciate of the Mizuno Wave Sky 3, is the durable carbon rubber outsole. The first run I did in the Mizuno Wave Sky 3 was in the torrential pouring rain and I didn’t feel like I was sliding at all.

Mizuno Wave Sky 3 Shoe Review
Lets just ignore how dirty my Mizuno Wave Sky 3 are. I’ve put over 100 miles in them in the last month before getting hurt

I’ve done a few different types of runs in the Mizuno Wave Sky 3, including speedwork, long runs, and easy runs and I’ve found it to be best for easy runs.

Mizuno Wave Sky 3 Conclusion:

I am pleasantly surprised by the Mizuno Wave Sky 3 and I will continue to wear it until I’ve used the life up. The Mizuno Wave Sky 3 has quickly become one of my favorite shoes and I appreciate the cushion for easy runs days.


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