Sunrise Diner (Roselle Park)

Sunrise Diner (Roselle Park) swordfish salad

Sunrise Diner (Roselle Park, NJ)

Recently I was in Roselle Park, so I decided to stop at the Sunrise Diner.  I heard from friends the Sunrise Diner was good so I stopped.Sunrise Diner (Roselle Park)

Sunrise Diner Atmosphere: A
The Sunrise Diner is everything you expect in a diner. There was a fair amount of parking (which for the area) surprised me. The inside has plenty of booths, tables, and a bar. One thing I appreciated was the salad bar. Not many diners I have a salad bar these days.

Sunrise Diner Coffee: A
The Sunrise Diner coffee was delicious. The waitress refilled it often and put lots of whipped cream on it. It was brewed hot and fresh and I was pleased.

Sunrise Diner (Roselle Park) coffee


Sunrise Diner Food: B
The Sunrise Diner menu has everything a stereotypical diner typically has, plus more. I appreciated the full page of Sunrise Diner menu specials and the salad bar. I was between a few options and decided to order the mesclun salad with Swordfish. I don’t know if I’ve had swordfish before at a diner, so I gave it a shot.

The Sunrise Diner menu specials all come with soup, salad, a meal, and a dessert.  So much food!  Even the salad came with the salad bar.

I decided to order my favorite soup split pea. It was one of the better split pea soups I’ve had.

Sunrise Diner (Roselle Park) split pea soup

The salad bar was filled with greens, beets, beans, and all of the regular salad toppings. I decided to splurge on my salading and made a trip to the salad bar too.

Sunrise Diner (Roselle Park) salad bar

My mesclun salad with Swordfish was a lot bigger than anticipated. While the swordfish was slightly dry, I have no complaints.  The salad itself came with balsamic dressing, cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes.  As far as diner salads go, it was good.

Sunrise Diner (Roselle Park) swordfish salad

Sunrise Diner Dessert: A

I got my bread pudding to go and I was extremely pleased. The bread pudding was more bread than pudding, which is my favorite way to enjoy bread pudding. It was sweet but not overly sweet. In all, one of the better bread puddings I’ve had.

Sunrise Diner (Roselle Park) bread pudding

Sunrise Diner Service: A

The waitress at the Sunrise Diner was great. She refilled my drinks often, made sure I was set, and my food came out quickly. I could not have had a better experience.

Cost: $
For all my food, the cost was $16.95. I’ve paid more for just salads at diners before.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the Sunrise Diner?
If I’m in Roselle Park again, I’ll come to the Sunrise Diner. It’s an inexpensive but delicious stop.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: B
Dessert: A
Service: A
Cost: $10-17
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
Have you ever had a salad that came with the salad bar?
Do you like ordering off of the specials menu?