Sub 1:25 Files: Training and a Half

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Last week’s training went well. I got in what I needed to speed and mileage wise. While I was hoping the Hilton Head Half Marathon would be faster, it wasn’t a fast course. 

Monday: Easy 8 miles
Tuesday: Tuesday: Easy 10 miles with Alexis
Wednesday: Workout Total miles 12
Thursday: Easy 4 miles
Friday: Easy 8 miles with Strides
Saturday: Hilton Head Half Marathon 1:31.13 Total miles 15
Sunday: Easy 10

Total miles 67


My week of training went well. I got done what I wanted with no major hiccups. I had assumed the Hilton Head race was a faster course than it was. It’s hard to tell from the map, but there were a lot of small turns that you never got any rhythm.  Even on the biggest inclines (up the bridges), I ran faster miles (6:51) then the miles that had 12+ turns and ran through dirt (7:09). In all, I’m happy with how everything went. It’s hard to imagine running 6 minutes faster to reach my goal of getting to 1:25 but hopefully training will come back sooner rather than later.

Workout Wednesday (all done on roads):

2 Mile Warmup
4X800 with 1 minute standing rest (paces 6:22, 6:28, 6:16, 6:32)

2 Miles Hard (6:55, 6:57)
4X400 Hard with 1 minute rest (paces 5:58, 6:18, 6:34, 6:18)
1 Mile Hard (6:46)

This workout went well. I couldn’t have asked for a better workout. I honestly thought my watch GPS was off by how good I felt.  In fact, I feel better about this workout than the race I did.

Hilton Head Half Marathon (1:31.13)

I was hoping to get a good idea of where I am fitness-wise. While I think it gives me a solid clue, the course wasn’t as easy as I assumed. As I mentioned, one mile had over 12 turns and ran through mud/trail. The course also merged the half and full marathoners running different paces on narrow roads, which I found unsafe. I am happy with how I handled the course and mile 11 was my fastest (6:44). Am I 100% happy with the race? No, but I am pleased with how I handled what was thrown at me.

Next Week:

I’ll be just trucking along and continuing the miles. I don’t have any bigger races until March so I’ll just continue to run.

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Questions for you:

How was your week of training?

Have you been to Hilton Head? 



  1. Holy 67 miles! You continue to amaze my friend!! Happy to read your words again and see you are always chasing huge goals! Keep on going…:-)

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