Empire Diner (Brooklawn)

Empire Diner Brooklawn

Empire Diner (Brooklawn, NJ)

Recently I went to the Empire Diner in Brooklawn, NJ. The Empire Diner is the newly managed Brooklawn Diner. The Brooklawn Diner wasn’t great and truthfully I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back! Since it was a new owner and new management, I decided to give it a shot.  The same owners that own the Piston Diner in South Jersey, also now own the Empire Diner.

Empire Diner Brooklawn

Empire Diner Atmosphere: A

The Empire Diner looks like it was built in a diner factory. It’s bright, shiny, and metallic. It stands out on the traffic circle in Brooklawn. The inside of the Empire Diner is bright and shiny with bright lights. There are plenty of booths, tables, and a full-length bar. Anything you picture in a stereotypical diner, the Empire Diner has.

Empire Diner Coffee: B

The Empire Diner coffee was hot and fresh. It wasn’t anything unique, but it wasn’t bad.


Empire Diner Brooklawn coffeeEmpire Diner Food: B

The Empire Diner menu has everything you picture in a diner. There is all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals which is always a plus.

One thing that did stand out to me was the lack of specials. There were about five on the whiteboard in the front. If you wanted to view them, you had to go back up and look. Many diners have a page of specials.

I opted to order the broiled pork chops, which came with the salad bar, soup, two sides, pork chops, and pudding.

The salad bar was the best part of the meal. The salad bar at the Empire Diner has all of the regular greens, regular toppings including onions, olives, and tomatoes. They also had beets (which if you know me, know that I love beets), and a couple of different coleslaws. The salad bar was the best part.

Empire Diner Brooklawn
salad bar

I ordered the tomato bisque, which was nothing unique. It wasn’t amazing but nothing to write home about.

Empire Diner Brooklawn soup


My pork chops were disappointing. I was looking forward to pork chops and they were thin. I was expecting thicker and more full. I probably wouldn’t order them again.


My baked potato was massive and my carrots were coated in sugar. Both sides were fun but easy to make at home.

Empire Diner Brooklawn baked potato

Empire Diner Service: A

The waitress at the Empire Diner was great. She refilled our drinks often and always made sure we had what we needed.

Empire Diner Dessert: A

I opted for bread pudding and took it home. They put it in a little to go cup. The bread pudding was good; it had far more bread than pudding, which is my favorite.

Empire Diner Brooklawn bread pudding

Empire Diner Cost: $

For all of the food, it was $18. It was a lot of food, but the quality of the food was low.

Empire Diner Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back?

I liked the Empire Diner and it’s a step up from the previous Brooklawn Diner. Do I think the Empire Diner is the best ever? No, but it’s a stereotypical diner with large portions.

Atmosphere: A

Coffee: B

Food: B

Service: A

Dessert: A

Cost: $8-20

Overall: B

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Questions for you:

What’s your favorite salad bar topping?

Do you like bread pudding? Rice pudding?