January 2020 Training Log

January went well for me. I’m finally starting to feel better with running. I’ve started to increase my mileage and I finally like it’s paying off. Most of my races are in March and April so I have most of February to continue building fitness.

Total mileage: 280ish

Range of Paces: 6:06-11:30-untimed

Workouts: 6

Races: 2

Hair of the Dog 10k (41:49)

Distance Series 10 Miler (1:10.07)

Shortest Run: 2 miles (warmup for Distance Series)

Longest Run: 14.4 miles

Swimming: 3X (total 9000 meters)


I am happy with how this month progressed. I’ve been working hard and I feel like my fitness is finally starting to come around. It wasn’t if I didn’t run in the latter half of 2018-2019, I ran two marathons but there were plenty of times I chose something else before running.

The other component is I just wasn’t into it as much. I liked to run, I liked to race, but I was complacent running 20-21 minute 5ks. After training for back to back marathons (for me two years in a row is back to back!), I realized (again), I didn’t enjoy the grind of 20 mile long runs. I didn’t enjoy running 26.2 miles. Now I’m enjoying my long runs are 2 hours long. My mind stays engaged the entire time and I don’t feel like it drains me for days afterward.

How my training (right now) is going, makes me excited to race in March, April, and May. As I said early in the month, I don’t have a goal race, but I do plan to run a bunch of races in the spring and see where it takes me. The goal for 2020 is to run at least a 1:25 half. Whether that is in the Spring or Fall, I’m looking forward to running that fast again.

It’s hard to remember a time where I ran 1:25-1:26 half marathons like nbd.

This weekend, I’m taking a mini trip to Hilton Head, SC and I’m going to run the Hilton Head Half Marathon. I think it will give me a good idea of where my fitness is. Usually, my husband and I take a trip to escape the winter, but there hasn’t been a lot of “escaping” this month. Like most of the East, we’ve had a mild winter. I’ve never been to Hilton Head, so it seemed like it would be fun.

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Questions for you:

How was your training month of January?

Are you getting ready for a race? 

If you have any recommendations for Hilton Head, I appreciate it!