Training Log: Rest and Rest

me running chambersburg

As most people know, last week, I ran the New York City Marathon.  It went as well as it could for my training and for the day. I ran a 3:27.19. My only goal was to start and finish healthy and I did just that.

After the marathon, I took a week off. I strongly think everyone needs 1-2 full weeks off a year. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional, elite, weekend warrior, or just getting into the sport. I took two weeks off in September as well as earlier in the year.

To me, and my body, New York City Marathon felt more like a very long run and effort. I raced as hard as I could for the day but it wasn’t my fastest day (in fact, it was my slowest LOL).

The week after the marathon, I was busy with life and work (Tuesday-Friday I spent 12ish hours out of the house), and I can’t say I made time to do all of the “recovery things” except sleep. I walked relatively normal 2 days after the marathon and a full week later, my legs feel stiff but not hurt.

On Saturday, I went and hiked at Hawk Mountain. It was the first physical activity I did all week. We’ve wanted to do this hike for a while but never gotten around to it. It was gorgeous and the views are incredible.

On Sunday, I did my first run back (4 miles) and felt stiff but good. My body felt like I ran a marathon but also hadn’t run in a few days. It felt good to just get moving again.

With minimal working out (just Saturday and Sunday), my running week was boring. I am looking forward to getting back into training for shorter races.  The next few weeks are just focused on building fitness and quality miles.

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Questions for you;

How long do you take off after a major race?

Where is your favorite hike? 


  1. What an awesome run – congratulations on a great time. I usually take 5 days off after a half marathon. Just ran the Monumental half in Indianapolis – if you haven’t heard of this one – you should check it out. There’s a full as well and it’s flat and fast – I had several friends qualify for Boston this weekend. You’d run spectacular here. My favorite hike is any hike 🙂 – I love to be outside – especially in the fall in KY. Recover well!

    1. Thanks Suzy. I’ve heard Monumental is a great race. It’s a hard time of year for me, but I would love to do the half sometime. Enjoy fall in Kentucky, I’m sure it’s beautiful!

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