ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ Review

ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ Review

I was excited to try the ASICS Metaspeed Edge+.  The original version was one of my favorites but had one serious downfall. Running hilly races (especially down the California coast) resulted in huge blisters or loss of toenails because of the upper and the toebox being narrow and unforgiving.

After working in run specialty, you know I’m buying the right size shoe so that was not the problem. Running on flat or just uphill was never an issue but for downhills (like in America’s Finest) your feet got shredded. I was both excited and cautious to try the ASICS Metaspeed Edge+. (A note that I also had this issue in the Metaspeed Sky) just based on how the shoe fit.

ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ Review

ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ Quick Facts:

Weight: 7.4 oz

Heel to Toe Drop: 8 mm

Cost: $250

ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ Introduction:

The ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ often gets lost behind the Mtaspeed Sky. It feels like the forgotten carbon-plated shoe. They are both equally as good but it just seems like people gravitate toward the Sky. The ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ has been given a bigger update and now features a 39 mm midsole but it does feel different than the Sky. You can use it for the 5k all the way up to the marathon. If you are curious about the differences between the Metaspeed Sky and the Mtaspeed Edge, I did write a post about it.

This year, the ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ continues the stride versus cadence options ASICS has. The Edge+ was created for those with quicker cadence (usually people who run on their forefoot). It has also gained additional foam from last year so it does feel different.

ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ Review

ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ Fit:

To be honest, the ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ fit was something I was most curious about. Despite my efforts, the previous version would not fit my foot well enough to run hilly races. I know I was not the only person with that issue and I talked to several people who had similar issues of the Edge not fitting well.

How does this years ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ fit? There is a light structured mesh around the entire shoe with a flexible heal counter. It has a narrow midfoot. While it feels slightly wider than the first version, it still isn’t “wide”. Last year, the ASICS Metaspeed Edge ran an entire half-size small. Many people went up 1/2-1 full size bigger than their regular running shoe size (that could end up being 1.5-2 sizes bigger than your regular shoe).

This year, the ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ fits more true to size but it’s not large by any means. I am a strong believer that the best running shoe uppers disappear off your foot. While the ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ does not completely do that, it’s a lot better than the previous version. There is more space, the upper is less rough and it’s more forgiving.

How does the ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ handle downhills? I haven’t had any issues with hot spots yet. I can feel them forming but they haven’t gotten to be as bad as the first version (while still running hard).

ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ Review

ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ Ride:

Like most carbon-plated shoes, the ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ is a nearly max stack height carbon-plated shoe. It has an 8 mm drop and is more firm than the previous versions.

The Flytefoam turbo midsole is firm but provides a well-cushioned ride that rocks you forward. The heel-to-toe transitions are smooth. As you pick up the pace the Flytefoam turbo becomes more responsive and more bouncy. This gives it the ability to feel fast in hard intervals but also longer tempo runs and races.

Durability and Traction: ASICS has always excelled in both durability and traction and the ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ is no different. The Metaspeed Edge+ is able to handle inclement weather and you don’t feel like you’re sliding around in the rain. Plus, it doesn’t get heavy like many carbon-plated shoes. To be honest, it’s one of the best carbon-plated shoes for inclement weather.

ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ Review

As far as traction, the rubber allows you to stay grounded even when the weather isn’t great. I’ve used mine in both rain as well as a few times on sandy trails and never had an issue with sliding. The ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ is one of the better shoes for traction.

Like other carbon-plated shoes, I use the Edge+ strictly for workouts and races. There is no point to use them for daily or easy runs because that isn’t their intended use and you don’t want to waste precious mileage. They are more responsive and you feel the ground more than other carbon-plated shoes. If you’re someone who wants a more traditional running shoe with a carbon plate, you will likely enjoy the Edge+ ride.

ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ Conlcusion:

I like the Edge+ and I think ASICS has made a great update. However, I would just like to see a completely different and less rough upper. If you are someone who wants a lower profile feeling carbon-plated shoe, you might prefer the ASICS Metaspeed Edge+, especially if you are running more on your forefoot. Right now, this is probably one of my more racing carbon fiber plate racing shoes and it’s definitely the most unique.

ASICS Metaspeed Edge+ Review

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