Alps Diner (Wayne)

Alps Diner wayne nj

Alps Diner (Wayne, NJ)

After hiking with my good friend Shawn, we decided to stop at the Alps Diner in Wayne, NJ. Hard to believe Shawn is one of my closest friends, but we have yet to go to a diner together. I guess she was initiated.

Alps Diner wayne nj

Alps Diner Atmosphere: A
The Alps Diner sticks out in Wayne, NJ. The exterior is metallic, shiny, and the Alps Diner is abnormally tall. It’s hard to miss when driving by. Of all of the diners on NJ-23, the Alps Diner stands out the most.

Alps Diner wayne nj

The interior of the Alps Diner is like a blast from the past. There are plenty of booths, tables, and a full-length bar.

Alps Diner wayne nj

Alps Diner Coffee: C

The Alps Diner coffee was okay but nothing to write home about. I was slightly disappointed that it was lukewarm.

Alps Diner wayne nj coffee

Alps Diner Food: C

Known for their good food, the Alps Diner menu has every option you can imagine on a diner menu. I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for. There is all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I was between the pork chops and a gyro, so I decided to order the pork chops. The pork chops came with a salad, side, and potato. I ordered the greek salad and a side of corn.

Alps Diner wayne nj greek salad

The Greek salad was the best part of the meal. The dressing was tasty and the salad tasted fresh.

Sadly, both the pork chops were thin and tasted as if they had been reheated. I was disappointed with my meal. Was it edible? Yes, was it bland and boring? Yes.

Alps Diner wayne nj pork chops

Alps Diner Cost: $
For my coffee and pork chop meal, it was $19.

Alps Diner Service: A
Our waitress at the Alps Diner was great and the food came out fast. I couldn’t have asked for better service.

Alps Diner Overall Thoughts:
The Alps Diner was one of the most stereotypical diners out there. There was nothing unusual or unique, and the food was clearly frozen and reheated. If you are looking for a retro, stereotypical diner, Alps Diner is it. It’s right in the middle as far as diners go. Nothing terrible but nothing great either.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: C
Food: C
Cost: $10-20
Service: A
Overall: B

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Questions for you: 
Do you like pork chops?
What is your favorite type of potato: mashed, sweet, french fries, baked? I’m a sweet potato fan myself.


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    1. Thank you Amanda, that means a lot! Do you have a favorite diner?

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