Asics Nimbus 22

asics gel nimbus 22 shoe review

Asics Nimbus 22 Shoe Review:

Well…it’s been a long long time since I’ve run consistently in any Asics shoe. The Asics Nimbus 22 is the first shoe in several years that has worked for me from Asics. I used to run a lot of mileage in the Asics Nimbus but Asics got too narrow for my feet and they no longer felt comfortable.  The Asics Nimbus 21 made significant improvement over previous versions, but the Asics Gel Nimbus 22 is even better.

The Asics Nimbus 22 is a high cushion, neutral shoe. The Asics Nimbus been around 22 running shoe generations and is known for the gel and soft cushioning, shock absorption, and gel technology. It’s been a staple of neutral runners for years.

asics gel nimbus 22 shoe review

Asics Nimbus 22 Fit:

The updated Asics Nimbus 22 finally has a more roomy toebox. It’s not a wide shoe by any means, but it runs more true to size. For several years of the Asics Nimbus, the shoe fit almost a size and width short. So most people not only went up a half size-full size, they also went wider to get an appropriate fit.

The Asics Nimbus 22 update now uses a monofilament engineered mesh upper. The jacquard mesh provides excellent moisture management and a high level of breathability.

Plus it provides a more roomy toebox and breathability of the shoe.  The mesh upper is more durable and just fits better.  The heel counter fits better for the Asics Gel Nimbus 22 as well.

asics gel nimbus 22 shoe review

Asics Nimbus 22 Ride:

The Asics Nimbus 22 has always been well known for the premium cushion. It has plenty of cushion to protect the body. The updated version of the Asics Nimbus 22 uses a thicker version of Asics softest and most resilient midsole foam. Plus now, the Asics Nimbus 22 has wrap around gel cushioning in the heel and better-shaped gel inserts in the forefront.

The new wrap-around gel allows your Asics Nimbus 22 to protect your feet no matter how the foot strikes. Whether you are a forefront runner or heel striker, you are going to get the cushion you need. The transition from heel to toe is a lot more seamless as well and it feels less clunky.

How does the Asics Nimbus 22 feel less clunky? The Asics Nimbus 22 now uses Flytefoam Lyte Propel foam.  What is Flytefoam Propel Technology? While it’s also a mouthful, Flytefoam Propel foam is lighter, with a soft and energetic return. The Asics Nimbus 22 now has 2 mm more of this foam.

With the updated Asics Nimbus 22, it’s less rigid. The gel in the Asics Nimbus, made the shoe firmer and less flexible. The deep flex grooves allow the Asics Nimbus to be more flexible and move with your foot.

asics gel nimbus 22 shoe review

Asics Nimbus 22 Conclusion: 
I’ve run just over 100 miles in the updated Asics Nimbus 22 and for me, it fits nicely into an easy run or recovery run day. I like the Asics Nimbus 22, and this is the best update they’ve had in several years.

me asics gel nimbus 22 shoe review

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