Soda Jerk Diner (Hummelstown, PA)

Soda Jerk Diner (Hummelstown, PA)

Soda Jerk Diner (Hummelstown)

Recently, I was driving through Hummelstown. I haven’t been out in the area in years (it’s right near Hershey Park). I was driving through the mid-morning, and while I wasn’t starving, I was hungry, so I decided to stop. The Soda Jerk Diner & Dairy Bar is a family friendly themed diner. If you’re on your way to visit Hershey Park, it’s a perfect stop.

The Soda Jerk Diner is located in a small strip mall. When I arrived mid-morning, I got the last parking spot in the lot.

Soda Jerk Diner (Hummelstown, PA)

Soda Jerk Diner Atmosphere: A
The Soda Jerk Diner stands out in the strip mall. It’s a large shiny, chrome restaurant front.  When you walk in, you feel like you are in a blast from the past and walking into a diner. It’s everything you picture in a restaurant from the checkerboard floor, shiny tables, and jukeboxes. You couldn’t ask for a more picturesque diner if you tried.

Soda Jerk Diner (Hummelstown, PA)

Soda Jerk Diner Coffee: A

The coffee at the Soda Jerk Diner was brewed hot and fresh, and it was delicious. I have no complaints.

Soda Jerk Diner (Hummelstown, PA) coffee

Soda Jerk Diner Food: B
I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for. The Soda Jerk Diner menu has everything from breakfast specials, lunch, and dinner. They are known for their ice cream, home fries, and french toast. Since I wasn’t starving, I decided to order the Greek salad with salmon. I also added a cup of spicy crab soup because it sounded good.

The spicy crab soup was a pleasant surprise. I like spicy food, and the spicier, the better. The soup had a nice kick but wasn’t overly powerful.

The salad was ok. It was by no means the best salad or best diner salad I’ve had. I could have used more greens as well as pita bread, grape leaves, or anchovies. I doubt I would order it again.

Soda Jerk Diner (Hummelstown, PA) salad

Soda Jerk Diner Service: A
The waitress was friendly and my food came out quickly. I have no complaints.

Soda Jerk Diner Cost: $
For my soup, coffee, and salad, it was $20.

Overall Thoughts/Summary of the Soda Jerk Diner:
I liked the Soda Jerk Diner in Hummelstown. I would go back, but I would probably order something else.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: B
Service: A
Cost: $10-20

Overall: A

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Questions for you:

Have you been to Hershey Park?

Do you like spicy foods?

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  1. I never went to Hershey Park until about four years ago. My whole childhood came and went without a single visit, even though I lived in Maryland the whole time. What can I say? I loved it! There was so much more there for a grown-up to do than, say, in Busch Gardens or Kings Dominion. The chocolate world tour was really fun, and I even liked the HUGE Hershey-themed gift shop near the entrance.

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