Training: Grinding and 10 Milers

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Training Last week was similar to the last. As I continue to build mileage, my calves have been especially tight the last few weeks. It’s been extremely demotivating to feel like they went through a shredder every day. But sometimes that’s how it goes!

As I mentioned last week, the Spring has turned into a rebuilding season for me. The later it gets, the more I’ve come to terms with that. The mileage will help down the road, even if

I don’t see “short term goals” appearing now. Running is lifelong anyway.

Monday: OFF
Tuesday: Easy 60 minutes with Alexis
Wednesday: 3X1 mile averaging 6:30 with 90 seconds rest
Thursday: OFF
Friday: Easy 60 minutes
Saturday: Easy miles with Skip
Sunday: Garden State 10 (1:08.30)


I’ve taken two rest days each week almost the entire month of March. My body didn’t feel good (and close to being injured) when I started upping mileage and tried to “only” take 1.

Workout Wednesday: 6X1 mile with 90 seconds jog in between

On paper, this looks “not great” but the between the weather as well as lack of sleep, it was a decent workout for me. I wouldn’t say it was “the best,” but the effort was there.

The rest of the runs were easy or with friends which have been what I’ve needed lately. I’ve struggled to get out the door alone, so it’s been nice to run with more people.

Garden State 10:

I didn’t feel great going into the race.  I was also a hilly course, plus the weather was hot and humid. It was really the first time I’ve run in humid conditions in several months. I raced for what I had for the day and I believed it would be somewhere between 1:07-1:10.

Most of the race went by with not much happening. I charged the uphills and my miles ranged from 6:35-6:52. I had an issue with the water stop and ended up doubling back (no more than .01 but it ended up messing up my stride and I ran a 7:08. In all, I’m happy with the race given I wasn’t even sure I was going to race over the weekend.

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Questions for you:

How was your week of training?

Do you like 1o milers?



  1. I’m just past peak mileage and have just begun my taper for Boston.
    On the way home from my 15 mile Sunday run I watched my calves spasmed most of the way home. I use the Hylands Cramp pills which are mostly quinine. They only do so much.
    A cramp can take some time to recover from and I don’t have time for recovery at this point!
    Have you tried rolling your calves? It can be painful but it can also help.

  2. You nailed your estimated finish time so I hope that feels good…or at least better than you calves 🙂 Stay smart about your training and you will be on an upswing soon!!

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