On Cloudswift

On Cloudswift

The On Cloudswift is a brand new shoe from On. For those not familiar with On, it was created in 2010 and based in Switzerland. It’s lightweight but well cushioned.

The On Cloudswift uses a slightly different material called Helion. Compared to other models from On, the Helion provides more energy return as well as durability. Helion is extremely light but provides a big energy return.  As a brand, On is light yet responsive.  Helion is also more durable to temperature changes and On claims it to be a “superfoam”.

The On Cloudswift has a slightly different shape to the Clouds. They are more diagonal than horizontal. You probably don’t notice much of a difference.

On cloudswift shoe review


On Running shoes are narrow. This has typically been a problem for me, and I find myself more comfortable in a men’s shoe (because they don’t make wides). I’m usually between a women’s 10-11 wide.  This is the first On shoe that a woman 10.5 fits well, and I wouldn’t need to go into a wide.

Of any of the On models, it has the widest toe box.

On cloudswift shoe review

The white elephant in the room is how stylish the brand looks. It’s a great option for someone who wants a “stylish running shoe” for walking around and living day to day life. Do I think you need a stylish shoe for running? No. But if you want a shoe with a lot of cushion that doesn’t “look” like a running shoe, this is one for you.


The brand, On, is light by nature.  The cushioning system uses empty pods, “clouds” that compress where you need them.  Obviously, a hollow pod doesn’t weigh a lot.  The On Cloudswift has minimum rubber which can also weight a shoe down.

The downside is the less rubber, the less durability.  Even with the lack of rubber, I’ve found it to grip the ground well enough to run on rainy days.

On cloudswift shoe review

Even though there is plenty of cushioning, it’s still light and responsive.  Both the firm plastic, speedboard, allow for a smooth and responsive transition. For me, it’s best as a workout shoe. I prefer it for shorter intervals.

I appreciate the versatility of the shoe, and if I needed a shoe in a pinch, I wouldn’t be afraid to take it on an hour run (there are plenty of racing flats I would not).


In all, I like the On Cloudswift. For me, it’s a great workout shoe.  If you have a wider foot, it’s one of the first options I would recommend.

Current Rotation:

Easy Runs/Daily Runs: Hoka Mach 2, Brooks Glycerin 17, New Balance 1080v9

Long Runs/Tempo Runs: Hoka Cavu 2

Workouts: Nike Fly, On Cloudswift, Nike LT Streak LT 4

Races: Nike Fly

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Questions for you:
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6 responses

  1. I might have to give these a try! Newtons and Ons are the two brands that I haven’t tried that I’ve been considering. Thanks for another great review.

    • Let me know if you! I think On/Newton are fairly similar as far as ride and feel. I do think On is growing in the industry while Newton is not.

  2. Have not tried these shoes yet. Hearing good things about Topos. Wondering if they are on your list to review? A friend of mine is an ambassador for them and keeps pushing me to try one of their trail shoes.

    • Is it Steve? I actually do have a post about a Topo shoe coming out soon. It’s a road shoe though!

      • Cool. I have been looking at the Terraventure 2, which is one of their trail shoes. None of the running stores around here have them, so have to get directly from Topos I guess.

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