Training: Recovery and a Bad Race

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Last weeks training was somewhat of a cutdown week. I skipped my midweek workout to recover from both the Adrenaline 5k and Shamrock 13.1. I got Active Release done, and I tried to focus on sleeping.  I recovered moderately well but didn’t feel great at the Phillies 5k.

Monday: OFF
Tuesday: Easy 60 minutes in VA
Wednesday: Easy 60 minutes in NJ
Thursday: OFF
Friday: Easy 60 minutes in NJ/core
Saturday: Phillies 5k (20:08)/core
Sunday: Long Run


My easy runs were just that, easy. As I’ve increased my speed (with races) during the last few weeks, and I’ve opted to take two rest days a week versus 1. I know it’s kept me healthier coming back. While I might not be as “fast” coming back, I’m not injured.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve had some slight pain in my metatarsals. It hasn’t been anything to alter my stride or anything too serious, but enough that I’ve been more cautious. With Active Release, Dr. Craig at Dr. Kemonosh’s office has helped flush it out. I don’t like to take any chances with metatarsal pain because not much at the top of the foot except bone.

I’ve been keeping up with core more. I know core and strength is something I often skip so I’ve been adding it in.  I’ve just been doing the same exercises as usual.

Phillies 5k: (20:08)

I didn’t feel good at the Phillies 5k from the get-go. It’s hard to go to a race you’ve won and got third, but even if I felt good, I’m not in the shape that would have won anyway. As I warmed up, my legs still felt tired.  I think it was a combination of the previous weekends races as well as getting a lot of Active Release done to keep me healthy. Short term, it stunk. Long term, it’s just another workout to reach me to bigger goals.

Anyway, my splits themselves were 6:35, 6:35, 6:20. (The last mile had tailwind). It was windy the first two miles around the water, and then we had a tailwind the last mile. I couldn’t get my turnover any faster.  It was nice to see so many friends and locals racing.

Long Run: 14 miles averaging 8:03 pace with the last four around 7:10

This was a great long run. I started easy and slowly progressed into a faster run. The second half of the run was faster, and I just felt good all around.  It felt good to have a strong long run.

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Questions for you:

Have you had a bad race recently?

Are you a Phillies fan?


  1. I’ve actually had some foot pain myself, Hollie. My right foot always is the one that gives me trouble and it’s been just random pain on the top/outer lots of walking, elliptical, and strength for me for awhile! That’s okay though..I’ve come to like walking nearly as much as running, (at least that’s what I’m telling myself)! Hope you feel better soon 🙂

    1. Thank you LeAnne, and I hope you feel better too. I do appreciate hiking and walking as much as running.

  2. I AM a Phillies fan, I grew up in the suburbs of Philly. I am sorry that your race didn’t go all that well. Hopefully you will feel better at the next one!

    1. Same, that’s why I got the active release done! Luckily, it was just the metatarsals inflamed.

  3. Sounds like you are recovering well for what your body needs and that is always a good thing. I also love your attitude about not every race being great because that is just impossible! And, better to feel that good on the long run and not so great on the short one, right? Great week as usual! Keep your head up 🙂

    1. Ha, I would have rather felt better at a race than a training run. That’s how it goes though.

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