Amwell Valley Diner (Ringoes)

Amwell Family Diner (Ringoes, NJ)

Recently I went to the Amwell Valley Diner in Ringoes, NJ. It’s only about an hour from me, so it’s surprising it’s taken me this long to venture up there.

I arrived at Amwell Famly Diner around noon on Sunday. I expected the Amwell Family Diner to be more crowded, but I quickly found a booth.

Amwell valley diner ringoes

Amwell Family Diner Atmosphere: A
The Amwell Valley Diner is an old school metallic diner. It matches everything you visualize in a diner from the chrome exterior to the powder blue booths inside.  There are plenty of booths, tables, as well as a full-length bar.

Amwell Family Diner Coffee: A
The Amwell Valley Diner brews the local Lacas coffee which was a nice surprise. Even though the mug was small, it was refilled often.

Amwell valley diner ringoes

Amwell Family Diner Food: B
The Amwell Valley Diner menu has all of the stereotypical diner options: eggs, wraps, and a few dinner options. There isn’t anything unique on the menu, but it has enough options to please anyone.

At the Amwell Family Diner, I decided to order the new Mediterranian sampler. It came with olives, hummus, pita, Tzatziki sauce, and an olive tapenade. It was thrown together and could have used a better presentation. Other than that, it was good. There was nothing special but a good appetizer I would order again.

Amwell valley diner ringoes

Keeping in a Greek mood, I decided to order a gyro with fries. The gyro was stuffed with plenty of gyro meat, Tzatziki sauce, and lettuce. The fries were nice and crispy, which is my favorite.Amwell valley diner ringoes

Amwell Family Diner Service: A
The food came out quickly at the Amwell Family Diner, and the waitress was friendly and funny. It was clear all of the waitresses enjoyed their job and working there.

Amwell Family Diner Price: $
For my appetizer, gyro, and coffee, it was $18.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the Amwell Family Diner?
I liked the Amwell Valley Diner and would go back. It was a pleasant stop.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: B
Service: A
Cost: $8-15
Amwell Family Diner Overall: A

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Questions for you:

Do you like gyros? 

What is your favorite kind of fries? Crispy? Waffle? 

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  1. Waffle Fries … ALWAYS! I am not a fan of gyros at all. I just haven’t ever found the idea of eating a gyro to sound appetizing. But give me a turkey burger and waffle fries and I am a happy gal!

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