How to be an Instagram Runner

How to be an instagram runner

How to be an Instagram runner is more simple than you might think!

Step One: You have an Instagram.

Step Two (maybe?): You run.

In that order

How to be an instagram runner

In the last few years, social media has taken off. Before Instagram, there was blogging, and before blogging, there was myspace and Xanga. Who logged a workout on those? There is Strava, too, but there is really nothing like Instagram running.

Social media is here to stay because who doesn’t want to take photos of themselves and promote their running. If there is anything I’ve learned, people love to talk about themselves (myself included).

So Now You’ve Thought: “Being an Instagram Runner is for me”…

First, keep in mind there is a difference between a runner on Instagram and Instagram runner but how to be an Instagram runner is not as challenging as you may think.

Here are a Few Easy Techniques of How to Be an Instagram Runner (sometimes known as an “Instarunner.”

Step One: Create a (FREE) Instagram:

You need an Instagram account to be an Instagram runner. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need to run. (Fake it until you make it!) You just need an Instagram.

Step Two: Run (Maybe):

Here is the thing about how to be an Instagram runner. You don’t actually have to run; you just need to say you did! I always advise honesty but don’t feel pressured to run because you are an Instagram runner now. You never know with any runner on Instagram, but honesty is always the best policy. You don’t need to be an elite runner, but I do advise you to run, so your followers know you are genuine.

A Few Posts You Should Include in your Feed:

The Instagram Runner Watch Pose:

This is a staple of how to be an Instagram runner. Stand with your watch on your wrist with your workout done. Snap photo to maybe include shoes. Decorate your wrist with pieces of jewelry to enhance the wrist: bracelets, charms, whatever. Just add your own artistic flair.


  • Try to find pretty grass to stand on. The bathroom or dirty floor is not desirable.
  • Clean your watch face.  It’s your watch’s time to shine!
  • If your workout did not go as planned and you would like to look faster, just end early. Want to look like you ran 13.1 miles in 62 minutes, just end early and log the 62 minutes. You could even write (in PaintShop) 13.1 on your watch for better authenticity.

The Instarunner Run Shot:

This can be the hardest to master, so don’t get discouraged. Some instarunners actually have professional photographers to follow them around every workout! Talk about glamorous. If you follow these tips on how to be an Instagram runner, you might one day have photographers approaching you. If you have a spouse or running coach, position them at the finish line to take Instagram worthy photos. Have them take a few college courses and study your aesthetic.


  • Buy a high-end camera. You have to pay to play! $800+!
  • Don’t choose a rainy day; that makes photos blurry. You don’t want to view that post on Instagram only for your shoes to be blurry.
  • Jog in place. That way, you can get higher-quality instarunning photos. This is a big secret of how to be an Instagram runner.
  • If you don’t have at least one fight with your significant other about taking the shot, you are doing it wrong!
  • Use video mode and just grab a shot that way.

The Instagram Runner Motivational Shot:

Now, this is usually a recycled photo, and that’s okay. Got a favorite picture of yourself from the 1980s with a big perm?  Perfect. The point of this photo is not the photo; it’s the caption. Choose a time when you look your best, or heck photoshop yourself onto a professional runner winning NYCM. No one will know!


  • You should have a minimum caption length of 400 words. This is generally what is accepted to be “motivational.” These motivational posts are how you become an Instagram runner and gain your followers.
  • It should provide some sort of motivation. Hard to get out the door that day? Struggle from lack of sleep? Pants just don’t fit, right? Struggle to balance everything? Did you get out there for 15 minutes of solid cross-training? Those are just some starters, but any old motivation will do. Remember, you are your biggest fan.

Instagram Runner Post-Run Selfie:

This can get confusing because you don’t need to run; just post a selfie saying you did.


  • Make sure to download a photo app that allows you to make your skin as smooth as porcelain. Runners don’t sweat or have any lumps and bumps. I recommend face tune and smoothing your skin out, so you look like a barbie.
  • Just selfie. Work your best angle from myspace angle to straight forward. Do you have a signature pose? Mine’s winking!

The InstaRunner Flatlay:

Once you’ve found a few brands you like, this is your time to make them shine.  Before a race, take a photo of every piece of gear you plan to wear (don’t forget underwear!).  Arrange neatly so your fans can see your plan. They might want to track or recognize you on the course (thank your new-found celebrity Instagram runner status!).


  • Include everything, even things you might think you would want but will never use. Underwear? 4 pairs of socks? Deodorant? Contacts?  It’s better to be safe than sorry in this shot.
  • Make sure to find a beautiful backdrop. Don’t use the bathroom. Perhaps go to a fancy hotel with a 50,000 dollar rug. The hotel bought that rug for you to take the shot on!

These are just the basics to help you become what you’ve always dreamed of, how to be an Instagram runner!

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Question for you: What other Instagram Runner techniques do you use? Who is your favorite instarunner? 




  1. I thought I wanted to be an “Instagram runner” but since you can be anything online I decided to be an Instagram Cat lol

  2. There’s also always the last-ditch, post-run pet portrait. “I ran today, but my dog is cuter.” Just don’t forget the 20 running related hashtags, because…algorithms. 😉

  3. This is hilarious! I try taking running pics for my blog’s Instagram account and it usually ends up being not more than a mid-run quick selfie. Face red, and dripping with sweat.

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