Training and Resting Part 2

me running snow

Another week of training down.  As most people know I opted to take 2 weeks off.  The first week was nearly complete rest with a couple of walks. This week had a few more walks, a hike, and even a run on Sunday.

It was strange not running the Philadephia half this year. While I’ve never raced well there, it’s always fun to be part of one of the biggest race weekends of the year. Not sorry but I think Broad Street is 10X better.

My running, legs and everything feels fine, I’m healthy.  While I don’t feel as if I ran a marathon two weeks ago, I don’t feel injured either.

On Thursday, I opted for a short walk. Just half of a mile in, it started snowing and sleeting, so I turned around.  I had planned on walking further, but I wasn’t in the mood.

On Friday, my husband and I went up to Sandy Hook and walked around the Gateway Recreation Area.  It was a lot of fun exploring and it’s a beautiful area with plenty of history behind it. It was nice to get out of town and just see another part of the Garden State.

Sunday brought my first run back.  I didn’t feel bad, and it was nice to get movement.  I felt as though I could have run much sooner, but it was important to me to take time off.  Every person from professional to recreational needs time off each year.  As someone who is very injury prone, I know for myself, I need it more than many people.  I wrote more about my rest and recovery here.

What is next?

Truthfully I don’t know.  I’m not like “OMG I need to run all of the marathons”.  I do plan to run another marathon at some point but I will when the time is right. I would like to get more speed in and work my 5k back down to the 18s.

It’s been nearly 3 years since I ran my 5k PR and I would like to eventually break 18 minutes.  I’ll start racing and trying to find my speed legs again and see where it goes.

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Questions for you:

Do you ever take time off during the year?

How was your week of running? 

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  1. Good job on taking time off – I really struggle with that, and only really take time off when forced by injury or illness. But it makes such a difference, both mentally and physically!

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