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May Training Log

Only about a week into June but…Better late than never right?

May brought a lot of changes to my training, mainly, a focus and a fall goal. Before last month, I didn’t have a goal race. I had a rough plan that I wanted to “get back in shape.” I wanted to run a bunch of local races and just build fitness on it.

Then I was selected to run the Big Cottonwood Marathon. I’m still planning to race frequently and get the speed in, but I’m also going to add in long runs. I’m not going to run a lot of long runs because I know I’ll burn out, plus running long in the 90-degree summer isn’t always the most enjoyable thing.

Mileage: Around 170
Range of Paces: 6:27-11:00-untimed
Shortest Run: 2 miles
Longest Run: 14 miles 
Workouts: 4

Swimming: 44,000 meters
ERR 10k: 42:40
Movie Madness 13.1 Recap (That turned into 14 miles)
Broad Street 10 Miler (1:07.35)


The focus of the month was to begin getting back into shape and consistently log miles. May, June, and July all have the same goal to keep consistently building miles. I’m not going to build to 100-mile weeks or anything, but I am going to keep building.  I’m not in the same shape as a year ago, and I’m not in the same shape as when I set my half marathon PR a year and a half ago. Do I think I can get back to that in 100 days? No, but I’m going to work towards what I can do.

All of my races last month were ok, not great. I don’t have any that stand out to me, but I’ve also been running on tired legs. I haven’t tapered for any, and I won’t taper for any in June either.


Swimming has been good, and I’m glad I’m getting back into the pool. I don’t feel any “fitter” from swimming, and I don’t think the fitness will translate, but I’m enjoying it. I appreciate how I can mindlessly swim laps without a care in the world.

Goals for Next Month:

In June, I would like to get more fit than I am right now. That seems like a broad goal, and it is, but it’s the only goal. I just want to work on my fitness and progress.  I’m going to keep racing frequently as well as swimming and see where it takes me.

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Questions for you:

How was your month of training?

Do you have any racing plans this summer? 

Swimming for Runners
Swimming for Runners

A few people have asked me to write a post about swimming for runners. If you have followed my blog since its birth in 2010, you may remember I was a swimmer. Not just a swimmer, but I swam competitively for college.

After college, I was done. Swimming is a hard sport, and to improve at the college level, and you’re in the pool anywhere between 2-4 hours a day. After college, I had no interest in staring at a black line or blue line or the bottom of the pool. I was burned out.  Swimming workouts are tough, but swimming is great because it’s nonimpact. Swimming can benefit runners in big ways.

Swimming for Runners

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Training and Resting Part 2

Another week of training down.  As most people know I opted to take 2 weeks off.  The first week was nearly complete rest with a couple of walks. This week had a few more walks, a hike, and even a run on Sunday.

It was strange not running the Philadephia half this year. While I’ve never raced well there, it’s always fun to be part of one of the biggest race weekends of the year. Not sorry but I think Broad Street is 10X better.

My running, legs and everything feels fine, I’m healthy.  While I don’t feel as if I ran a marathon two weeks ago, I don’t feel injured either.

On Thursday, I opted for a short walk. Just half of a mile in, it started snowing and sleeting, so I turned around.  I had planned on walking further, but I wasn’t in the mood.

On Friday, my husband and I went up to Sandy Hook and walked around the Gateway Recreation Area.  It was a lot of fun exploring and it’s a beautiful area with plenty of history behind it. It was nice to get out of town and just see another part of the Garden State.

Sunday brought my first run back.  I didn’t feel bad, and it was nice to get movement.  I felt as though I could have run much sooner, but it was important to me to take time off.  Every person from professional to recreational needs time off each year.  As someone who is very injury prone, I know for myself, I need it more than many people.  I wrote more about my rest and recovery here.

What is next?

Truthfully I don’t know.  I’m not like “OMG I need to run all of the marathons”.  I do plan to run another marathon at some point but I will when the time is right. I would like to get more speed in and work my 5k back down to the 18s.

It’s been nearly 3 years since I ran my 5k PR and I would like to eventually break 18 minutes.  I’ll start racing and trying to find my speed legs again and see where it goes.

Posts from the Week:

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Questions for you:

Do you ever take time off during the year?

How was your week of running? 

Training Last Week: Grinding and Racing

Last week felt better than the previous in terms of running.  I was able to add miles in the week and then had a quality race.  Not my fastest time but great for where I am right now.  I don’t think this will be an amazing comeback story, but more a story of plugging along through the summer months.

Monday: Easy 50 minutes
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Easy 50 minutes
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Easy 50 minutes
Saturday: Bungalow Beach 5 Miler (32:12)
Sunday: Easy 60 minutes


My easy runs of the week were just that, easy.  Originally I thought I might get a workout in Wednesday but my body was tired and that would be overdoing workouts and speed.

Bungalow Beach 5 Miler: (32:12)

It was the inaugural year for the race.  Since I like the Atlantic City races so much, I thought it would be fun to do.  The last 400 meters is on the soft sand which doesn’t make for a fast finish.  The day itself was 100% humidity.  So with the weather and course, I knew it wouldn’t be the easiest day.

I’m glad I ran and got to see a lot of friends.  My body didn’t feel great but not bad either.  I definitely didn’t feel fresh.  I was barely able to hang onto first, as the second place woman was fast approaching. In all, I’m happy with how I did and I post a longer recap this week.


I’m happy with the week and I feel like I’m slowly progressing towards fitness.  I’m nowhere near there but I do feel like I’m progressing.  I was talking to a good friend, and while I only took a week off from running, I decreased my miles and was mentally disengaged for almost 2 months now. I do believe there is something to be said about that.  I don’t think this will be a “glamorous” comeback and I think it will involve a lot more grind but that’s ok.

Posts from the Week:

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Questions for you:

How was your week of training?

Have you ever run on sand?  What is a meaningful cause/charity to you? 

May Training Recap

May was a good month.  Not so much a gritty training month, but it was a good month in general.  I mentioned this in my training log last week, while I didn’t “train hard” through May, I did run.  I didn’t stop training, and it wasn’t as if I wasn’t logging miles.

Running just wasn’t a priority.  I’m still in great fitness, but I’m definitely not in peak fitness.  A few months ago, running an 18:30 5k wasn’t too big of a deal, but right now I think I’m probably around 19 minutes.  That’s what happens when you stop doing the little things and honestly, mentally and physically your body needs it.

Through the summer, I plan to actively train.  In June I definitely would like to sign up for more races.  That will probably help fine-tune speed work again. Do I think I’ll PR…No, but I will get closer? Yes.  Eventually, I would like to run under 18 minutes in a 5k, a goal I’ve been chasing over the past few years.

Anyway, back to May Training:

Miles Run: Around 250
Rest Days: 5
Range of Paces: 6:11-11:30-untimed
Broad Street 10 Miler (1:02.51)
Cape May 10k (41:07)
First Trail Race 10k 

I think my demotivation came from having a rough 10k after the Broad Street.  The day itself was hot, windy, and down the sore. The race was well put together, but I just felt like garbage.  The rest of the month I chose a lot of other things like hiking versus running.  Then life got busy outside of the running and blogging world, so I felt like I was on the go and living out of my car with running around the state of NJ.  Honestly, it was a great month but running just wasn’t a priority.  As a running blogger with no kids, it’s weird saying: I just didn’t GAF about training hard.  That’s what happened.

Posts from the Month:

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Flying to Bridgeport, CT

So another month of the year down.  It feels like the year is flying by.  I’m looking forward to enjoying the summer and hopefully taking some time down the shore and at new parks.

Questions for you:

How was your May Training and workouts? Anyone have a goal race in June?


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