On Cloudrush Shoe Review

On Cloudrush Shoe Review

In my quest to find a more cushioned shoe for the marathon I decided to try the On Cloudrush!

The On Cloudrush is a more substantial shoe for workouts and racing than what I’m used too.  As I mentioned during my training, one thing I’ve done to stay healthier is to use shoes with more substance and cushion.

On cloudrush shoe review

Quick Facts:

Weight: 8.1 ounces

On Cloudrush Fit:

On Running Shoes generally, run narrow and the Cloudrush is no exception.  Something good (for me anyway), like many racing-oriented shoes, is it unisex sizing.   

Fit wise; I’m usually anywhere between a women’s size 10-11 wide. Since they are unisex, I chose the On Cloudrush size 9.5 and was fine. The toe box has plenty of room and my feet don’t feel crammed.

The On Cloudrush is almost all mesh.  It’s lightweight and breathable, but at the same time, the mesh allows moisture into the shoe much quicker.  That being said, most people are racing or doing workouts in the shoe so it’s not as if you’ll go run a 30-mile muddy trail race in them.

The lightweight mesh also allows for the shoe to be much lighter and a lot of breathability. Every part of the upper is thin and lightweight, from the toebox to the laces, to the tongue.  The shoe was made to run fast.

On cloudrush shoe review

On Cloudrush Ride:

The On Cloudrush is both responsive and soft. That is a weird thing to type. If you’ve never run in an On Running Shoe, their technology uses small rubber pods on the bottom of the shoe that each adapt to the needs of a runner.  The sole of the shoe: “the cloudtec sole”, contains cloudtec pods that adapt to your own running style.

The On Cloudrush has 18 rubber elements and cloudtec pods. Each cloudtec pod collapses and compress where the runner strikes the pavement. So if you hit more on the heel, the heel pods will compress to your stride. If you strike the forefront, the forefront will collapse more. The pods make for a much more personalized ride.

On cloudrush shoe review

I like how light the On Cloudrush is but that it still provides cushion.  Many true flats have little to no cushion, but I do appreciate the substance of the shoe. I feel good at the end of longer runs.

Throughout the last month, I’ve done several runs in the shoe ranging from an easy run to 400s, to a tempo run.  For me, I think they are best suited for a tempo run.  I think I appreciate more cushion for a long race, but I do believe a lot of people would like this the On Cloudrush for either a half or full marathon. I thin they would be a great race shoe.

On cloudrush shoe review

On Running Cloudrush Conclusions

I like the On Cloudrush, and I will continue to use it for workouts (at this point after New York).  It’s lightweight and responsive but also well cushioned. For me, it’s an excellent combination for workouts or race day.

It’s definitely a good half to full marathon shoe.

Shoe Rotation:

Easy Runs/Daily Runs: On CloudaceHoka Cavu, Hoka Clifton 5, Brooks Glycerin 16,

Workouts: On Cloudrush, Nike Pegasus Turbo, Nike Fly

Races: Nike Fly

Questions for you:

Marathoners, what is your shoe of choice?

Do you have a favorite shoe? 


5 responses

  1. Yay for soft and lightweight shoes! The first pair of running shoes I ever got (Nike Pegasus) made me feel like I was running on clouds, so I’m especially liking the name of this one!

  2. I’m a big Brooks girl; i’m currently rotating through the Hyperion & Ghost. I’ve been thinking about adding a new shoe into the mix tho, since i just signed up for my FIRST marathon and i’ll be running more mileage than ever before (So Excited!!). Maybe i’ll check out these clouds or the Glycerin you mention — do you have a pretty neutral gait? I think i remember reading that you run on your tip toes? I’ll have to go try the shoes on, you twisted my arm 😛

    • I’m not able to tell if you have a neutral gait online…it’s really only something you can tell by looking someone’s feet in person.

  3. I have never tried these shoes, but the pods on the bottom remind me of my old Newton Gravity’s that had the lugs up front to encourage you to run on your forefoot, which was important because I am such a bad heel striker.

    • I think On feels a lot like previous Newton models. I always tell people if you like Newton, you’ll probably really like On too.

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