October Training

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Wow. October has been here and gone. Every month is the same story, and it feels like months and years are flying by.  I knew October would be very busy and it didn’t disappoint that between races and overall life busy.  Now I’m here just a few short days before my third marathon.


Miles Run: Around 250
Range of Paces: 6:06-10:35-untimed
Longest Run: 20 miles
Shortest Run: 1 mile 
Workouts: 5
Rest Days: 5
Races: 3
Crawlin’ Crab 13.1 (1:30.03)
Heroes to Hero 5k (19:12)
Atlantic City Half Marathon (1:27.53)


The month flew by, and it feels like just yesterday I was back home in VA…but it wasn’t it was nearly a month ago. This training cycle has not progressed as I would have liked.

I would have like to be fitter at the end of the month and have logged at least a 1:26 half marathon but that never came. Weather is a factor, but my body just isn’t cooperating with running fast.  My miles were quality miles, and I am happy with my effort level, but like anything, it can be hard not to compare to other years where I’ve run significantly faster by now.

Next month will log a lot of rest days. After NYCM, I don’t know the next time I’ll run again will be. I am taking 2 weeks off, maybe more.  My body will need a good recharge to look towards the next race (I don’t have anything planned). How is that for vague?

In all, I’m happy with my month. You can’t force progression and for me, it’s coming much slower this year.  I’m healthy and that is always my ultimate goal. You can’t progress if you aren’t healthy.


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Questions for you:

How was your month of training?

After a big race, how do you recover? 


  1. October found me between training cycles, having completed my goal half in late September and a 15k PR (1:19:08) at the beginning of the month. So, I’m just wingin’ it until mid-December. Logged some sub-7 mile repeats for the first time on one end of the training scale, and completed a 27 mile new distance record at the other (previous longest 19.5).

    I recover from a big race by taking a few days off, and dialing down the intensity for a week or two.

      1. Thanks, Hollie. Now that I’ve found I can actually jog more than 25 miles, in mid-December I start a plan that will progress through a 20 miler and a trail marathon, to the Dirty German 50k in May. Looking at some more mountainous ultras, maybe up to 50 miles for the second half of the year.

  2. Congrats on finishing the NYC marathon! Hope you met your goal and finished healthy. Terrific time, and nice (but windy) weather. But you’ve had your share of windy races. Awesome effort – cant wait to read your race report!

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