Training: Back on Track (For Real this Time)

As I mentioned on Friday, this week was all over the place.  While my buildup for Broad Street wasn’t the best, I was able to make it through and had a good race (more on that later).

Monday: Easy Run
Tuesday: Easy Run
Wednesday: Tempo Run
Thursday: Easy Run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Easy Run
Sunday: Broad Street 10 miler (1:01.59)


Monday, Tuesday,  Thursday, and Saturday were dull, short easy runs.  I don’t have a lot to say, and I was grateful my foot was fine.

Wednesday: Tempo Run: average 6:34 pace

saucony a6 me run

On Wednesday, I did a shorter workout.  I was lucky my husband had off of work and ran with me.  Before the tempo run, I told him, “if I have to stop, I’m going too.”  I honestly had no idea what to expect.  We hit the first mile in 7:00 and I felt like I was working a lot harder than that. I was slowly able to progress, and the rest of miles were 6:28-6:30.  My foot felt fine, and I finished the run feeling confident in my running.

Broad Street: 1:01.59

Continuing my streak of poor weathered races, I ran Broad Street in the rain.  I didn’t have a goal other than finishing the race healthy, but I felt a lot better than anticipated.  It was 3 and a half minutes faster than last year and 3 minutes faster than my Broad Street PR.  Plus this year the weather conditions and my personal build up left a lot to be desired.  Both Broad Street in 2014 and 2015 were perfect conditions.

At the finish line via Instagram
At the finish line via Instagram

Quick Summary of the race:

Unlike Shamrock, I layered up in my rain gear.  I knew a tank top and arm warmers was not an option for me in the rain.  I’ve learned I don’t run well in the rain, and I need to run in a jacket.  I would rather be hot than soggy and hypothermic.

I never felt bad during the Broad Street 10 miler.  My splits all ranged between 6:07-6:17.  My first and my last mile were both 6:07 and I came through the halfway point in 30:52, so I kept an even pace the entire time.  I’m proud of myself for running well in the rain and after my erratic training in April.  My original goal before my April issues and knowledge of the weather was to run a 1:02 and I beat it by 1 second.  I now know I’m in better fitness than that even, but you can’t control the weather.

I would probably recommend not signing up for any races I’m doing this Spring since each major race has had 50MPH winds, pouring rain or both. 


I’m happy with the week.  It wouldn’t have been smart to go straight back into a high mileage week.  Throughout the next couple of weeks, I’ll add more mileage to get back to the 60s where I was.

Questions for you:

Have you raced in the pouring rain?  What do you wear?