Weekly Recap

I’ve thought about doing a personal life weekly recap.  I have a lot of friends and family that read LOLZ blog, but I barely ever talk about my “real life.”  While this blog is heavily running focused, it isn’t everything I do. Sometimes I think I’m living a double life: Blogging and the outside world. […]

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Flying to North Jersey

Last week my husband and I took a flight up to Northern New Jersey.  As I mentioned last time, if you have a pilot’s license and are qualified on the plane, you can rent an airplane.  So that’s exactly what we did. It’s like renting a car except you rent a plane. Throughout the years, […]

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Random Thoughts…

I had a different post for today and then I got sick and didn’t write it. Oh well, I guess… So it’s a completely random, thinking out loud post. On Monday around 6:30 pm, I felt extremely fatigued and tired.  The fatigue came on within 30 minutes and by 7:30, I found myself laying in […]

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A Little Bit of This…and That

This post is typical of how I feel by Friday, all over the place.  I feel like I blink and days, weeks and months go by…This week has been a doozy, and I’m not sure why it went by so slowly. The weather was finally nice! This weekend is the base air show.  If anyone […]

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Mother’s Day

As most readers know, I’m extremely close to my mother.  I’m not a mom myself, but I can truly say my mom has always been there for me every situation. When I was younger, my mom took care of my brothers and I while my dad was away on travel and deployments. When we moved back […]

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