April Training: 248 miles

April Training:
My running in April went from awesome to an issue to another issue and then back to awesome.  I hesitate to call anything that kept me out for a week “an injury” but back to back issues and mental fatigue caused April to be one of my least favorite training months.  The Atlantic City half marathon the first weekend in April kept it from being a total bust.

April Fools half

Mileage: 243
Range of paces: 5:51-10:40-untimed
Shortest run: 1 mile to test out my foot
Longest run: April Fools half marathon

Favorite run:
1 mile when I realized my foot wasn’t broken.

atlantic city half running 1

April Fools Half (1:24.04)
80s Run 5k (19:10)
Run for the Veterans 5k (18:33)

totally awesome 80s run

Favorite Race:
April Fools Half Marathon

Two years ago, I ran the April Fools half marathon and was outkicked in the last 12 seconds.  Until the Carlsbad half marathon this year, it was my PR.  This year I came back and won with a time of about 40 seconds slower.  The conditions were tougher but I also know I’m in better shape.

The week before the April Fools half marathon, I dealt with a tight hamstring.  Then I had a period of about four days that I felt great.  One of those days happened to be the April Fools half.  I recovered well from the half marathon and it wasn’t until the week after my foot started to ache.

In the middle of the month, it was a deep ache above my 3-4 metatarsal.  It felt similar to my second metatarsal fracture two years ago.  Instead of trying to run through the pain, I shut down running, went to my chiropractor as well as my doctor for X-rays.  Luckily it wasn’t a fracture but a pinched nerve.

Could I have run through it without doing more damage?  

Maybe but the rest also provided me with a mental break and I needed that too.

deptford 5k 1

I believe my pinched nerve was caused by tight racing flats and too small of compression socks.  It caused my metatarsals to be pushed into each other.  Who knew that could be something to worry about?

Thankfully it wasn’t a fracture and for that I’m grateful.  While April wasn’t the month I hoped, I’m leaving the month healthy and injury free, and I won’t complain about that.  I didn’t make the smartest decisions with my training but I was lucky everything worked out.

May begins the hot months for NJ, so I expect my times to slow down, but my effort will still be there.  I’ve already started on a good foot with an injury free race at Broad Street.  I’ll have the recap for that soon.

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Questions for you:
How was your month of April? 
Have you ever pinched a nerve?