Run for Veterans 5k (18:33)

Sorry if this post came out a little earlier than anticipated.  I didn’t pay attention when scheduling, and it was an extremely rough version.

As runners, I think most can relate to doing something dumb when it comes to training.  Something that is considered risky and something you knew was a bad idea.  Yet for an unknown reason, we still do it.  It could be a run or even a race.

veterans day 5k

Well, here I am a week later with a race recap of a race I ran the weekend before last. No one knew I was running because I didn’t even know until 6:30 am that day.  As runners, I think we second guess during rest, and I did that.  Despite not running that week, I felt fine.  I didn’t feel out of the ordinary, and my foot didn’t ache. The x-ray the Tuesday before confirmed it wasn’t bone related.  My foot didn’t hurt when I lived my life, but I hadn’t run either.

I woke up around six last Saturday, ate and poked around the computer.  At 6:30 am, I saw the race started at eight right near work.  It would give me plenty of time to get ready after the race and not be late.  I told myself: “the best case scenario would be finishing healthy” and the worst case scenario was “not finishing healthy” but if anything felt off, I would stop running.  I can’t explain it, but my gut told me it would be ok.

So with that I arrived at the race at 7, warmed up briefly and felt okay. My foot wasn’t achy, so I went to the start. I don’t have a smart reason of why I was even there. I wanted to test my foot, and this was probably the worst idea to do it.

With that, I started the race.  The first mile was filled with young kids who took it out too quickly, and they all faded around .25. I found myself as first woman overall.  I was carefully monitoring my foot, and I crossed the first mile in 5:51.  I knew my fitness hadn’t gone anywhere from resting for a week, but I was more worried about my foot.

I ran the second mile alone. There was a lone male in front of me, but I ran the remainder of my race alone and in silence.  It gave me ample time to focus on my own race. My foot wasn’t bothering me, and I hit the second mile in 6:05.  There was nothing eventful about it.

By the third mile, my foot still wasn’t hurting or sore.  My legs had no energy, but I was taking the race for what I wanted: “a healthy finish”.  To my surprise, I ran the third mile in 5:50 as my fastest.

I crossed the finish in 18:33 and 1st woman overall.  I was surprised because my legs felt lethargic from not running.  I didn’t care because my foot didn’t hurt and my pain disappeared as fast as it came on last week.

deptford 5k 1
Collecting my award and being extremely happy for being healthy


It was probably close to my dumbest idea ever, but I’m lucky I guess.  I’m happy I finished healthy.

Have you ever worked out when you probably shouldn’t have?