May Training

My training this May was all over the place.  I characterize it into two periods.  The first was finishing my month of rest from the Atlantic City half marathon.  After the Broad Street 10 miler, I took a few days to recover and began marathon training (phase 2).  My marathon training for the next month isn’t really all that different.  I’ve added an additional day of running weekly which has bumped my mileage back into the 70s.  I’ve been trying to get comfortable with running 16 mile long runs in hopes to eventually bump that up to 17, 18, 19 and 20.

Total miles: 297 (no I didn’t feel like running 3 extra miles the night before my half…not worth it)

Total rest days: 7

Total races: 4

Broad Street 10 miler (1:05.20)


St. Pauls 5k (19:52)

Medford Lakes 5k (19:24)

Run for the Dream half (1:27.53) recap tomorrow possibly (spoiler: the last 400 is on the track)


Shortest run: 1.7 mile cooldown from Medford Lakes

Longest run: 16.25 mile long run

Range of paces: 6:02-9:58

Most proud run: In training my most proud run goes to my 16.25 long run I did last week.  I’m not in a point in my training that any long run feels great and I really pushed hard (mentally and physically) to finish.


This month went well.  I don’t have any complaints.  My body is responding how it should with bumping up my mileage.  I’m tired.  My pace has slowed on runs due to heat, humidity and adding extra mileage.  It doesn’t frustrate me because honestly that’s what happens.  While I did take more rest days then I would have liked the last week, my body needed it.  My legs were breaking down and needed a lot more recovery.  It’s a good wake up call for me that your body is not invincible and you cannot get better without proper rest and recovery.

June goals:

I would really like to make that bump and leep of faith over 300 miles again.  I have a couple more races planned this month:

June 7th Scott Coffee Rotary 8k (Moorestown, NJ)

June 14th: CHKD 8k (Norfolk, VA)

Questions for you:

How was May for training?

What is on your schedule in June?