WG Marathon training Week 3: Mental Struggle

Do you want to recover or do you want to beat yourself down and have a crappy half marathon (today)? 

That was the question I battled with myself for about an hour on Wednesday morning.

The answer was I would rather take an extra day off and have a better half marathon.  Believe me, it was extremely hard mentally to add another rest day.  I am “marathon training” now.  I must work hardr then ever before.  I kept questioning whether I would be able to even get to 20 mile long runs when a 15 wiped me out.

Sometimes working harder before means taking a step back and realizing you need to recover before you will move forward.

So this week had two nonrunning days instead of one.  I honestly have no regrets because my legs drastically improved the day I took a rest day (go figure).

Monday: Medford Lakes 5k (19:24) Total miles 11
Tuesday: 11.55 Nike training club core crunch
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 12.5 (7:16 pace)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 10.8 easy with Tim
Sunday: Run for the Dream half marathon


Tuesday was one of the hardest runs I’ve done in a while.  I was both physically and mentally tired.  Looking back, my body was exhausted.  Between being exhausted and the humidity, the run was miserable.  That is why I took Wednesday off.Looking back I have absolutely no regrets taking Wednesday off.  My legs improved and felt so much the next day.

Thursday was my added longer tempo run.  The first few miles I was a little bit stiff (I’m not surprised after taking a rest day) but my body slowly got into a nice groove.  All in all, it felt good and it was extremely similar to last weeks tempo.  Friday was my planned rest day and Saturday I ran easy with Tim.

That leads us to today.  Today I run my last half marathon until the fall, The Run for the Dream half marathon in Williamsburg. Last year I ran a 1:29 so I would like to be around that again.  The course itself is hilly and the weather will be hot and humid. I would be happy with breaking 1:30 again.

I am happy with this week of training, I would have liked slightly higher mileage but it didn’t happen.

Plans for next week:

I would like to recover well from the half marathon and continue from there.  There is a huge 8k that my work helps with (if you live near Moorestown, NJ you should do the Scott Coffee Rotary 8k). Realistically I see myself needing to take tomorrow off from running but we will see.   I would like to break 70 miles weekly again since that was my goal for the first month of training.

Other then that staying injury free and trying to build my base are the main goals.

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Questions for you:

What was your best workout of the week?