Kane’s Diner (Flushing, NY)

Kane’s Diner (Flushing, NY)

Unfortunately, Kane’s Diner (Flushing, NY) announced on April 25, 2019, it planned to shut it’s doors after 50 years. 

Ernie Kane founded the diner located at 44-15 College Point Blvd. in 1968.  Later, he passed it on to his children who owned it for 15 years. The Kane family sold the property for $15 million to a Long Island-based developer. Diners to houses?

I love my NJ diners, but I’ve been traveling and tried a few diners along the way.  So when on the road, it’s important to see what diners other states have to offer right?

Recently I went to Kane’s Diner in Flushing, NY.  To be honest, we walked by and saw it had the word “diner” and “original pancakes” and decided we were hungry.  I can’t be the only person that has done that right?

Image via Google maps
Image via Google maps

Kane’s Diner Atmosphere: A 

Kane’s Diner is different from New Jersey Diners.  New York is much more crowded and busy than down in southern New Jersey.  Kane’s Diner reflects that.  Kane’s Diner tastefully fit as much in one building as possible.  I didn’t feel as if I was sitting on top of other parties but it was jam-packed.  I’ve been to bigger restaurants where I felt as if I was sitting too close to other people.  Even though it’s a small space, the layout of Kane’s Diner allows for some breathing room.

Kane's Diner

Kane’s Diner Coffee: A 
The coffee at Kane’s Diner was extremely strong.  It tasted like diesel fuel but a good diesel fuel.  I guess that’s why people in NY live so fast paced.  (kidding of course).  I forgot to take a photo…

Kane’s Diner Service: A 
The service at Kane’s Diner was excellent.  The waiter brought plenty of refills, and we never were empty of water or coffee.  The food also came out quickly.

Kane’s Diner Food: A 
The diner has all of the typical diner fare.  You won’t find the healthy salads or grilled fish, but you will find several omelet options as well as pancakes and steak.  If there is grease, you will find it here. Kane’s Diner is the stereotypical “greasy spoon” deal.

There was a large sign at the front of Kane’s Diner that stated: “Orginal Pancake House”.  That means the pancakes must be good.

I don’t like thin or small pancakes.  I like massive pancakes that are filling.  I ordered the apple cinnamon pancakes.  I expected cinnamon apples to be baked into the actual pancake.  The actual pancakes were silver dollar pancakes rolled up and stuffed with apple cinnamon jam.  While the meal wasn’t what I was expecting it was still good.  It put me on a sugar high to continue exploring the city. The best description I have is they were like a very thick crepe with sugary apple filling.  Were they the world’s best?  To be determined, but they were good.

Kane's Diner

Kane’s Diner Cost: $9
For my coffee and pancakes, the cost was $9.  I have no complaints, and it was good.

Kane’s Diner Overall thoughts: 
I liked Kane’s Diner, and I would go back.  The coffee, food and service were good.  It’s a true greasy spoon!

Atmosphere: A
Service: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Cost: $8-15
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
Do you have any NYC diner recommendations?
What is your favorite pancake flavor?


  1. I can recommend right outside the city the Sherwood diner (far rockaway) and seven seas in great neck. and the landmark (it’s two floors!) in Manhasset. Jackson hole which has locations all over city and queens is more of a burger joint but the queens location looks like a diner. they have an extensive menu though like a diner! one of my all time faves

    1. Actually seven seas is my all time favorite diner! I used to go a buyer visiting my brother at school!

  2. Hollie, how does it qualify as a diner if it is in New York? No bar to sit at and not own by Greeks. No cake display and most of all no Greek salad!

  3. Pancakes are my favorite diner fare – and I’m totally with you! I love my pancakes thick and filling. 🙂 I tend to stick to banana chocolate chip fillings if I’m feeling adventurous. 🙂

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