Training for NYC W1

Well I’m going to start naming my posts “training for NYC w (week) 1”.  Because it’s original and while I’m still training for life…now I’m training for a marathon.  Training for New York City Marathon Week Number One…is to long and blogging lingo says I can abbreviate…derp.  So that’s that. (Did I really just use derp on my blog?).  That being said, it’s still exactly the same thing I would have done whether this post was named training for life, NYC or to not be out of breath while walking up stairs.

Moving on.

Monday: Triple R Ranch Cross Country 5k 19:34 (with warmup/cooldown) 6 miles
Tuesday: 11.7 miles easy (8:40)
Wednesday: 11.15 miles with two local (awesome) runners (8:58)
Thursday: AM: 10.7 miles easy with cows (8:45)
PM: (really it was 1pm and hot) heat box tempo 5.3 miles at 6:45 pace
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 11 miles easy
Sunday: Run for the Dream Half Marathon
Total: Roughly 75 miles


Okay well let’s talk training I suppose.  I’m getting into higher mileage training and it’s hot so my pace for easy runs has slowed down from 8:30ish in NY cool to 8:45-9 min pace…which is fine.  I’ll acclimate soon enough.

All my runs were pretty successful.  It was a pretty hard week of training with technically 3 speed workouts (Monday and Sunday are races) and Thursday’s tempo.  The rest easier pace (for me).

Here is a photo of the cows.  Yes, I stopped and took about 10 photos…real runner alert.  I hear you are allowed to do that when training for marathons…or 5ks…or walking up stairs…Since I was only a couple miles away from home, I waited to instagram them until post run.  (I run with my phone when I’m alone incase a: I get lost (most likely and I can have siri tell me how to get home…you think she is bad when driving…try having her yell at you through ear phones while you’re running), b. I get kidnapped, c: any other emergencies).


Last week’s tempo I ran at an overall pace of 6:47 (same route).  This weeks overall pace was two seconds faster and I had a lot of factors rooting against me.  My am and pm runs were a lot closer together due to my work schedule and it was a lot hotter (high 80s and very humid).  So I was quite pleased with my results.  Really, I’m always pleased when things get faster I suppose.

Since the Run for the Dream race starts at 7am…you are probably reading this and I’m done running so maybe I’ll update that…maybe not.   Who knows if I’ve mentioned it but it’s a beautiful hot, hilly, hellish course that I fully enjoy.  So that’s that.


Where is my training going next week?

Let’s see here, now that I have a better idea what to expect with my new work schedule I can do a bit more planning with my running and working out.  I’ll be adding back some cross training again to keep my legs happy and not so running focused.  (Plus it’s June now and my first open water swim is June 23rd LOL).  I’m running another cross country style 5k next weekend (I love those) and I hope to keep my milage around the same.

I feel like this post has more random musings then training…oh well I’m training for a marathon’s like me on roids…

Questions for you:

What do you do differently running outdoors in the summer time?

How was your weekend? 


  1. My weekend has been good so far, I’m visiting family! In the summer, I don’t really do anything differently. I love running at the heat of the day which is strange as my ideal running temp is 30 degrees….

    PS – I nominated you for the Bouquet of Three Award! Check out my recent post for more info about it!

  2. I’m certainly slowing now. It’s already 90’s in the morning and 90+% humidity. The summers that I’ve run through the heat and not backed off have given me my strongest autumn races, though, so I am going to try to stay healthy and run some PRs this fall.

  3. Do you ever incorporate track/interval training or stick to easy pace runs with tempo and races?

    I can’t wait for the upcoming week in buffalo… Mid 60s all week!! Finally lol.

    And I do nothing really different… I may plan routes around being able to leave water in my car or where I know there’s fountains. I have a fuel belt that I tried last year cuz the bulk of my half training was in the summer but it’s so cumbersome when all I want to wear is a sports bra and spandex. Humph.

    1. I’ve been to the track 5 times in my life. One was for a 1m race, one was because I thought I was supposed to run 10 miles on track (dear god I was a n00b) and three were physical workouts. I like tempos the best so I just stick with that and races actually (and easy runs of course).

      Good luck with the glorious weather in Buffalo! A bit jealous down here. 🙂

  4. Haha, I love the cow pictures. We have tons of animals and wildlife here too so I guess I’m always training with them as well when I’m running alone! glad you did well in the half (saw on Facebook). Good luck with training and running in the heat, I am right there with you in that with training for my marathon (or half. whichever I decide to do). But at least we will have really fast, strong times in the Fall!

  5. It’s been hot and hellishly humid. Humidity is the WORST when you run. I feel like my lungs are gasping for fresh, moist air instead of partial fog (exaggeration). ROID RAGE! You’re going to start eating protein yams now, I guess.

  6. Exciting that you’re training for a marathon…and running short, fast races too!

  7. I see cows on pretty much every run, and they always make me smile. I have no idea why, but I’m just glad to see them. 🙂
    My weekend was fantastic. I ran my first 10k today in exactly 51 minutes!

  8. According to the blogger code of conduct, a workout, run, race, etc. didn’t really happen unless you tweet, Facebook, and/or Instagram relevant pictures. 😉 It’s starting to heat up in NYC, so I can only imagine how hot and humid it is in VA now.

  9. This is week 1? That’s a long training plan, although I get that you’d pretty much be doing the same thing anyway.

    My summer training means one thing (especially on weekend long runs) – getting up at the butt crack of dawn to beat the heat. I don’t do well when the temps get past 75, although I know I can acclimate over time, if I have to. If I have to run when it is warm, I drop my pace down to compensate.

    I had a good weekend. 🙂 Thanks for asking!

  10. There are those handsome cows again, I love them!

    I definitely slow down at first in the heat, I am NOT a summer runner. I do acclimate quickly enough but I prefer my nice and cool 50 degree temps. Oh well!

  11. In the summer, I run late in the evening so it’s cooler, (I’m not a morning person).
    Pretty solid first week of marathon training! Congrats again on getting into NYC!

  12. I am so proud of you girl! I hope people read this and see that running and life can go together if you are willing to be flexible! I know you are working long days, and you are still getting to enjoy runs! I too have had to play with running now that my schedule is full again and break is over, I am not minding my evening runs yet!

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