Typical LOLZ Problems…

Tuesdays are normally my race recap post but since I didn’t race last weekend I don’t have anything to recap.  I do however; have a long run adventure in Princeton to recap.

Last week Meghan and Greta asked if I wanted to come do a long run with them in Princeton.  Princeton is only 45 minutes from me so I agreed.  (Living in a small state is really nice). I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into but I knew it would be a great change of scenery.  The plan was to run 16 miles at roughly a 7:50 pace.  Since I don’t normally run training runs remotely close to that pace (8:30 being my long run go to) I was terribly nervous.  I knew I could race at that pace but holding a long run at that pace made me entirely too nervous.

With that I decided to get out of my comfort zone.  After getting lost in downtown Princeton, I made it to the parking lot and we started the run.  Little did I know I had already set myself up for a bad time.

The first few miles were icy and we hit some major hills.  I’m actually glad I didn’t know how hilly Princeton was because I didn’t need to be anymore nervous then I already was.  I get really nervous running with people and worry I’m holding them back (because I am very flexible and easy going with pace).

I was really excited with how quickly the run went and how easy the pace felt.  I didn’t feel like I was going into cardiac arrest and I’m really (really) glad that I decided to push out of my comfort zone and go up there.

This post actually isn’t about the run itself.  Long story short, I broke out of my comfort zone and was able to hold a pace I didn’t think would be possible.  I should focus on doing that more often.

This post is about after arriving to my car 16.5 miles later, I realized I had locked my keys in my car.  For those of you who don’t know, I drive an adorable 2000 Pontiac Firebird.  Some refer to it as a space ship with the longest windshield and doors they have ever seen.  Others just refer to my car as Lorraine since that is what I named her in high school.  (It’s hard to believe Lorraine is 14 years old and I’ve had her since 2007!)

Here is my car.
Here is my car.

With that I stood outside wet from sweat in the 20 degree weather.  One of the most miserable things post run is frozen sweat to your body. I was so lucky Greta was with me and offered me dry clothing in her car.  If that isn’t true Oiselle team love…well I don’t know what is.


After calling Princeton campus safety and realizing that was a poor idea, Meghan came up with the idea of (duh) to call Triple A.  After being on hold for 20 minutes they said they would be out in 75 minutes.  This gave us the perfect amount of time for eating and chatting post run.

This ordeal took too long so we weren’t able to eat at the original restaurant and just went to Panera.  After the restaurant being overly crowded we finished our meal and triple A came.  Giving a shoutout to triple A, they came in roughly one hour which is a lot faster than usual.  When they say 75 minutes, I usually assume 100 minutes or more.  (That must just be a Hampton Roads thing…)

After any run all I want to do is eat and relax in warm clothing.  I don’t want to fooling around with a locked car nor do I want to sitting in a crowded restaurant with screaming high schoolers.  Oh well, it was completely my fault.  Of course when triple A came Meghan snapped a few photos labeling them “#Hollieproblems on twitter.  I got a great lol out of it but I’m not sure the triple A lady did.  She was friendly though and I was grateful she was able to easily pop open my door.  (luckily I don’t have automatic locks…that would be a pain).

I keep it classy.  I thought it was just better to laugh about my issues now versus laughing a year from now....Let's face it I will probably have forgotten in a year.
I keep it classy. I thought it was just better to laugh about my issues now versus laughing a year from now….Let’s face it I will probably have forgotten in a year.

So lesson learned…pay more attention.  I know being scatterbrained has always been a big weakness of mine and this was just another example of it.  This all could have been avoided if I had brought my A game.  We all make mistakes though and I was grateful to have two new friends to run and then stay with me.  I didn’t let it stress me out or ruin my day.

These are just issues I face daily and that’s why I have enough content for a blog…but really.

Finally, please don’t forget to vote #lolzfornapa!

Questions for you:

Have you ever locked your keys in your car?

The other time I locked my keys in my car was in downtown Washington DC at a gas station…that is a lol for another day.

What is one thing you like to do post long run?


Super Hero 4 Miler (25:32)

For me this race started the night before.  From a quick glance, I had assumed the race was being held in Moorestown, NJ.  I was excited because it was roughly 30 minutes away from my house and I had committed to go.  The night before I realized it was in “Morristown, NJ”.  Morristown is roughly 100 minutes away from me towards NYC.  After debating whether we would drive up there we eventually decided to go for it.  We didn’t have much else to do on Sunday and wanted to explore a new area of NJ.

This particular race had a special prize called the “Polar Bear Award”.  It is given to the least dressed female and least dressed male (no nudity).  I had decided if it was warm enough I was going to go for the prize.  I actually ended up winning for females and received a coupon for a free hour massage…sadly it’s back up in Morristown!.  Running in a sports bra and runderwear is pretty comfortable and it was warm enough that I was okay with it.  The only awkward part of the race was that we were running by multiple churches as people were leaving.  I was lucky the other people who were running half naked were about my pace so we kind of flocked together for a while.   There is a screenshot and video below that you can basically see I was running in runderwear and a strappy Oiselle sports bra.

The race started at 11:30 which is a little late for me.  It reminded me of a cross country race that starts which generally start between 11-12.  I am normally eating lunch at 11:30 so it was awkward to fuel for.  I ended up eating breakfast at 6:30 and eating again at 10.

The actual race:

Once the race started, I could immediately tell we were going down hill.  I tried not to take the race out fast because I had been warned it was a hilly course.   My times reflect the hills pretty well.  My first mile was uneventful and I clocked at a 6:05.  In the last 5k I ran, I believe my first mile was a 6:12 so I was happy with this.  I knew it was a net down hill mile but who doesn’t enjoy seeing faster miles?

The second mile began a few short and steep uphill climbs.  My body began screaming at me around 1.5 and I wasn’t sure how the rest of the race would go.  Around mile 1.5 I questioned if I would be able to maintain this pace. I could feel my pace getting slower and slower and my breathing becoming heavier.  Throughout the entire race the second place woman was roughly 10 seconds in front of me.  I wanted to catch her so badly but I couldn’t.  I tried to surge the hills and pass her but I couldn’t do it.  I maintained the 10 second gap the entire race.  I ran the second mile in 6:26.  I was not happy and tried to remind myself that it was a very hilly mile.

The third mile brought one of the worst hills I’ve run.  (I would honestly say it was worse than any of the hills at the Mountain Goat 10 miler…yes Jason worse.) I ran up the hill at roughly an 8:10 pace.  It was a very rough mile and after the hill was over (3.7) I was just hoping that mile number 4 was not going to be as hilly (6:36).

Mile four was relatively flat with a slight uphill finish.  The mile itself was also pretty boring.  I was running behind three high school boys.  I heard them discussing their plan and when they would surge to the finish.  Since they decided to surge around 3.25, I determined the rest of the race probably wasn’t going to be that hilly and I let out a breath of relief.  This assumption was purely made on hearing high school males talking (looking back it could have gone badly). I followed their surge but I wasn’t able to keep up.  I started catching them on the final .1 stretch but only because they started skipping into the finish line (while holding hands).  So YAY my ending race photos have three high school boys skipping and frolicking that I couldn’t catch.  Oh well, I was proud to lay down a 6:13 last mile.  If you are really interested in watching me run I make an appearance around 3:30 in this video.

A terrible quality screenshot of the finish (video in link below)
A terrible quality screenshot of the finish (video in link above)

My goal was to keep my overall pace under 20 minute 5k pace (6:27) and I was able to do that averaging 6:20.  I’m pleased, especially on hills.

The real highlight of the race was being able to meet  the Women’s Running Magazine web editor.  How awesome is that?  I told Fueledbyfuel that I didn’t think he understood how starstruck I was.  I can’t ever sing Women’s Running enough songs.


In short: The hills were tough but I’m glad I ended up going up there.  The next race I have is February 15, the Virginia is for Lovers 14k.  This definitely gave me some confidence for that. 

Questions for you:

What is the hilliest race you have done?

How did you celebrate Super Bowl Sunday? 


July through December Musings

It seems like the second half of my year was far more exciting then the first.  I like to save the best for last right?  Actually after the marathon my life seems to have simmered down.


I turned the big 23.  I’m an old lady now.

I finally ran a 5k PR that I feel I’m never capable of again (18:35).

Life is good!
Life is good!


As with the rest of the summer I worked a lot between 50-70 hours and was really burnt out.

I ran an 8k PR and then was hit by a cylist who broke my arm.

YAY for no sling!
YAY for no sling!

I was accepted to run for Oiselle! 



I ran the Rock and Roll VA Beach half marathon with Laura and Heather.  It was awkward because I ran it with a broken arm.



I moved to Texas.

I ran another half marathon a week later in San Antonio.  1800 miles of driving, two half marathons back to back…only to go a few seconds faster in San Antonio and win a sweet Growler.



(one week later) I found out I was moving to New Jersey.

The night we found out we were Jersey bound
The night we found out we were Jersey bound


I drove back across the country seeing Laura along the way.


I moved back home with my parents (again!) for a few weeks before my marathon.

Kris and I dressed up like Pumpkins for a 10k that I missed my PR by 5 seconds.



I ran my first marathon.


I moved to NJ.  After moving to NJ, I took some time off of running and just relaxed and looked jobs for a while.


I haven’t (honestly) done a lot of note worthy things this December.  It’s been just assimilating into NJ and looking for jobs.  I hope I have something to report by the end of the year.  I guess I’ll work on that.

I took photos in the snow.  It counts as productive.
I took photos in the snow. It counts as productive.

I did run my first and only race since the marathon, The Surf and Santa 10 miler.


Thoughts of 2013:

Although 2013 was anything but calm I truly enjoyed the year.  It seemed like it flew by and that I was happier then I have been, especially in the later half of the year.  It seems like I should have been more stressed being jobless and the 4000 miles I drove in 2 months but I wasn’t.  It was a really good year.  I have found the more stressed “I should be” is when I become less stressed.  Little stressors that shouldn’t stress me out often are the worst for me.

Anyways upward and onward to 2014 from here!

Question for you: Most notable thing of 2013? 


Hollie Jollie Christmas Part 2

This year was my first Christmas spent away from my parents.  It was a big change but they are actually coming up to visit this week to see our new house so I’m excited about that. 

Since Tim’s birthday was on Saturday, we drove over (neither up nor down…just straight across) to PA on Friday afternoon.  We were lucky he had from Friday afternoon to Thursday am off.  (He has to work today).   Anyways we drove to his parent’s house and I always enjoy seeing them and his entire family.  I’m so lucky they are a part of my life as well as his whole family is so caring and welcoming!

He seemed to have a good birthday on Saturday.  We relaxed, hung out, went for a nice (hilly) run and went to a Japanese hibachi/steak house called Aki.  It was good though I was disappointed (I don’t think he was) that people didn’t come obnoxiously sing happy birthday.  They did give him a piece of cheesecake though with a candle.


We spent the next few days preparing for Christmas.  Not doing too much but wrapping presents, going for multiple hilly runs and just hanging out.

At the top of a 1000 foot climb
At the top of a 1000 foot climb

We went for some mountain and hilly runs.  I had a very productive week of running while on vacation.  All of our training runs were filled with hills.  Today is a well deserved rest day.


We sat and drank eggnog in front of the fire.

On Christmas Eve, we all decided to go to White tail mountain for some skiing.  By we, I mean Tim and his father went skiing and his mom and I watched and drank starbucks.  Lord knows I’m clumsy without two sticks attached my feet.  It was a lot of fun watching and hanging out and a great way to spend Christmas Eve.


Christmas was spent enjoying time and being together.  Tim’s sister has recently had a baby and they came over.  She is too adorable.  Speaking of awesome, look at what Tim’s sister made both Tim and I.  How cool are these coffee mugs?

I actually wrote this post in the car ride back to NJ and then posted it when I got home…look at me go using my time wisely.

Questions for you:

How has your Holiday season been?

Was Santa good to you this year?  

Main Girl Musings

When Turkeys Attack

I don’t want to waste your precious black Friday shopping so I’ll keep a short post for today.  I do all my shopping online so I’m probably still on the internet.

If you know me then you know I’m afraid of birds.  Though there are many birds that I can tolerate, there are three that scare the pants off me. 



Seagulls on VA Beach when tourists drop food

I’m afraid of Turkeys for a multitude of reasons but I guess I will start with my college period in Upstate NY.  One of my closest friends was doing a lot of cycling.  He was training and would go on 100+ mile rides on the weekends through the Adirondacks.  The North Country of Upstate NY is a different world (even more so though normal Upstate, NY and it’s a different planet then NYC).  There are no big cities and towns only have a couple thousand people.  So there he was riding 100 miles (and probably only saw 20 cars the entire journey along “main” roads).

He had stopped to get food and drink in a small town.  He was leaned up against a fence when all of a sudden a wild upstate turkey comes charging at him gobbling.  Not a little baby chicken, but a turkey.  He panicked and got on his bike and tried to ride away but the turkey was chasing him!

As he was trying to leave a few cars were stopped and watching him.  He was in the middle of the road and no one would help!  Then finally he was able to gain enough momentum to get out of the turkey’s sights.  He said the Turkey left him alone because it found something or someone else to follow but he didn’t look back.

Long story short Turkeys attack (or at least in Upstate, NY). 

I was once driving through Upstate to an even more north town then Potsdam and two turkeys flew across the road at windshield level.  They were only about a foot from my car and if they had hit me, they would have shattered the windshield…or dented my hood.

Turkeys are scary creatures and I have no issues eating them for Thanksgiving.

Next time I’ll tell you about my hatred towards Geese perhaps but I don’t think there are holidays dedicated to Geese.  Enjoy Black Friday shopping.

Questions for you:

1.       How was your Thanksgiving? Are you Black Friday Shopping?

2.       Least favorite animal?