Honey Stinger Gel Review

Honey Stinger Gel Review

As I continued trying different gels, I was excited to try the Honey Stinger Gels. I have many friends who prefer Honey Stinger due to its natural content. I actually thought I’d reviewed products by Honey Stinger, but it turns out I haven’t.

Honey Stinger Gel Review

About the Brand Honey Stinger:

Honey Stringer claims their gels can be eaten straight from the packet, before, during, or after activity. Plus, you can spread them on toast or stir them into tea. You can even add to water and create your own energy drink. Like the name suggests, they are made from honey. The honey delays muscle fatigue and gives your body power during workouts.

Honey Stinger creates products on the 3 phases of working out: preparation (before), performance (during), and recovery (after). They design products for each specific phase.

Honey Stinger Gel Review

About Honey Stinger Gels:

Honey Stinger Gels are designed for before and during workouts. As the name suggests, the gels are made from honey! They changed the game when they decided to create honey-based gels that included organic tapioca syrup and organic honey. The gels are also thinner than other brands, making them less messy and easier to digest. What makes Honey Stinger Gels different? They are made from natural ingredients, which puts less strain on your stomach.

Why even use honey?

Honey is a good source of carbohydrates because it contains fructose and glucose. The body can absorb both without a lot of stomach distress. Honey makes the gels thinner than other brands, making them easier to digest and less messy.

What makes Honey Stinger Gels Different? 

  • 8 Flavors, including 3 Caffeinated options
  • Made from honey and the gel looks like honey
  • Gluten-Free, Soy Free and Dairy Free
  • Added electrolytes

My Experience with Honey Stinger Gels:

I was extremely curious about how I would like Honey Stinger Gels. I have several friends that swear by them, but I wondered: would the honey upset my stomach? Would I feel energized? I had no idea. I first tried a Honey Stinger Gel while hiking. I wanted to make sure my stomach appreciated it, and it did. I had it with water and experienced no stomach cramps. I felt the energy. Next, I tried them on a long run, and with water, they did exactly what I expected them to do. Next up, I tried it in a more intense workout, and once again, it did what it was supposed to with no cramps. In all, do the Honey Stinger Gels work? Yes.

Honey Stinger Gel Review

Flavors I tried:

I picked up these flavors because they were some of the more unique energy flavors.

  • Acai Pomegranate: This was my favorite flavor, and I appreciated how sweet it was. This is by far the sweetest gel I’ve ever tried, period.
  • Fruit Smoothie: As the name suggests, it sounds like a fruit smoothie with an emphasis on berries. If it weren’t for the Acai Pomegranate, I would say this is the sweetest gel I’ve tried, period.
  • Strawberry Kiwi: This was the mildest of the flavors I tried. I tasted more strawberry than kiwi, but it still tasted good and went down smooth.

The flavors I tried of Honey Stinger Gels were all good. I would use any of them again in my training. They went down quickly with water, and I felt the energy. Something to keep in mind is some of the flavors are extremely sweet. If you aren’t someone who wants a lovely energy gel, these might not be right for you. What more do you need in an energy gel?

Honey Stinger Gel Review

Cost: 24 for $39.99

The Honey Stinger Gels are definitely one of the more pricey gel options. Honey is expensive, but I was still surprised to learn they were nearly $2 each.

Honey Stinger Gel Conclusion:

I like Honey Stinger Gels, and I’ll continue to use them. I appreciate that energy gels are made from natural sources, so if you find most gels don’t sit in your stomach well, you may find the Honey Stinger Gels might be a great fit for you. They are definitely one of the sweetest energy gels I’ve ever tried. Even their “not as sweet flavors” are still sweet. I like that, but I know it’s not for everyone.

While they are more expensive, the ingredients used (honey) are just more costly. While nothing to do with the product, I wish they had more information on their website. It was a challenge learning about the brand or the product.

You can purchase Honey Stinger Gels here and see all gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Honey Stinger Gels?

What is your favorite energy gel? 


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  1. I like the idea of honey…I have grabbed a handful of extras whenever I’m in a Starbucks….but may try the Stingers….we do have a product in the store that’s made using maple syrup….not sure about that….yet

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