September Recap…all about that base

Me running sunrise

Strava tells me in September that I ran a lot of consistent miles. That was the primary goal. I sound like a broken record, but the last year has not been easy for me. Sometimes it’s tough to admit I haven’t run “well” in about a year and haven’t been close to Prs in several. But I’ve had many setbacks: my back, the flu, and an ankle injury. It’s just made for an inconsistent year. Starting a job has been great, but it also added stress to being new at something and finding my rhythm with that. I finally feel like I am so yay.

For most of late June, July, and August were trying to find footing with the new job. I enjoy it but going into an office for 8 hours a day is just different than what I’ve been used too! It adds a different kind of stress.

Me running sunrise

September Stats:

Miles Run: 318

Range of Paces: 6:20-29:00-untimed

Rest Days: 3 days

Swimming: 6 times


She is Beautiful 10k (45:40)

Santa Monica Classic 10k (46:08)

Conquer the Bridge 5.3 miles (38:57)


I hit my goal of 300 miles in the month and consistently ran. I’ve been lucky to do a good amount of running on soft trails and while it’s slower, I do believe it helps me stay less injured.

I also (mostly) hit my goal of getting back into the pool more. One of the new “fitness” things I miss now that I’m working is the ability to swim. The pool hours on the base don’t always work with my schedule, and swimming is much more of a commitment than running. Driving to the pool, swimming, showering, and driving home, is a more significant commitment than just going for a run. Superficially I don’t enjoy showing up to work reeking of chlorine and having deep google marks either. So if I swim, the majority of the time, it’s after. So swimming…is going the best it has since I started my new job.

me swimming

I didn’t run any super “fast” races last month, but it was boiling for every race I did run. Not just that, but California doesn’t seem to believe in water stops or electrolyte stops. For the three races I did run, two had just water stops, and one had nothing. All 3 of the races had a start temperature of well above 80, so it was obviously hard to run my best. Am I looking forward to more relaxed and more prepared races? Honestly, I don’t understand the lack of electrolytes (or zero-calorie electrolytes) in longer races, but I guess it’s better than nothing or just water. I digress.

I feel I’m more fit than August, but it’s hard to tell.

Hiking San Bernardino Peak Trail via Angelus Oaks

Goals for October:

October will be busy in a good way, but I am hoping to stay consistent. I aim to get some longer workouts in (tempos, etc.) because it has been something I’ve lacked the last few years, and it shows. I am finally ready to sign up for another half and will likely do the RnR San Jose on October 9th. While I’m not the biggest fan of RnR races, I am grateful you can count on them for safe and accurate courses and hydration. After Wineshine in July, I haven’t had any interest in doing any half marathons (or anything long). But it’s time to try again and see where I’m at.

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