Relay Active Apparel Review

Relay Active Apparel Review

I was excited to try Relay Active Apparel. It is the extension of Runners Love Yoga. Some of my favorite shorts were RLY, so I was excited to see how Relay Active compares. Plus, 1% of profits are donated to animal rescues which definitely spoke to me. You can see more about their animal rescues here. It’s awesome to see a small business able to do that!

Relay Active Apparel Review

About the brand Relay Active:

Most people have heard of Runners Love Yoga, and Relay Active is founded by the same woman Ann Mazur but this time, her husband Phillip Robb plays a role. Runners Love Yoga (RLY) helps runners learn to enjoy yoga through specific movements designed for actual runners. ReLaY Active is the evolution of clothing from RLY.

Ann is passionate about soft fabrics, bold color combinations, and supportive and comfortable sports bras, Her goal is to create running gear that is fashionable and comfortable.  Her husband Phillip has been designing custom cycling kits for teams worldwide since 2009. Ge brings 15+ years in the apparel industry. Together they founded and worked on Relay Active.

Relay Active Apparel Review

My Experience with Relay Active:

As mentioned, some of my favorite running shorts are from Runners Love Yoga, so I was super excited to try Relay Active.

Gear I tried:

Belmont Bra ($50)

The Belmont Bra is designed for lighter impact activities although I’ve run in it with no issues. There are both adjustable straps and removable padding.

Sizing: Small. I typically wear a small sports bra that is true to size.

Materials: nylon-spandex

Cost: $50 is not unheard of for a sports bra (most quality bras nowadays are between $40-$60). The fabric is good, and they give back to animal rescue charities.

I’ve actually used the Relay Active Belmont Bra to run, and I didn’t have any issues with it moving or not being supportive. It’s designed for lower-impact activity, but I think if you generally wear a small, you wouldn’t have a problem running in it. In all, I am a fan. The Relay Active Belmont Bra is one of my more favorite bras to run in.

Relay Active Apparel Review

Rachel Pocket Shorts ($50)

Matching the Belmont Bra, the Rachel Pocket Shorts are designed for running. There is a no-dig waistband, two pockets on either side, and a 55.7-inch inseam.

Sizing: small. I typically wear a size small, and the Relay Active Rachel Pocket Shorts fit true to size. There is no compression, so they are fairly comfortable.

Materials: nylon-spandex

I must admit the Relay Active Rachel Pocket Shorts are some of my favorite shorts. There I said it! They fit true to size, and they feel good. The pockets actually fit gels or keys without items flying out. Without the compression, they are comfortable, and you don’t have to worry about them being super tight.

Resort Tee ($48):

I wasn’t sure how I would like the Relay Active Resort Tee. I find many loose-fitting tops never fit quite right and jook boxy. The Relay Active Resort Tee is not like that, and I find it a lot more flattering than I thought it would!

Sizing: Small. I wear size small tops, and this fits true to size. You might want to go down a size if you have a shorter torso.

Material: Performance Nylon

As mentioned, I didn’t think the Relay Active Resort Tee would “look good on me,” but I was pleasantly surprised by how flattering it is. Plus, it’s just comfortable, and the pockets are fun. I don’t know what I would store in the pockets, a gel or key, but they are fun and an upgrade from a basic shirt. I’ve also run in it a few times and I perform well. I appreciate that it wicks moisture off and I don’t have to worry about being too sweaty.

League Hoodie: ($72)

Who doesn’t need another hoodie? The League Hoodie is a performance blend and is just super comfortable. It’s perfect for before or after runs!

Sizing: Small. This fits true to size and is a form-fitting hoodie

I am always looking for a suitable hoodie. I find the Relay Active League Hoodie perfect for before or after runs or casual wear. Since there is moisture-wicking material, it doesn’t feel heavy if you need to throw on something after a run. In all, this has quickly become one of my favorite hoodies. Based on the material, I think you could run into it. I wear it a lot to races before warming up.

Relay Active Conclusion:

In all, I am a huge fan. While Relay Active isn’t the cheapest brand out there, the quality is good, and 1% is donated to animal charities which is awesome. I love how flattering the pieces are, and I’ll be buying more, especially the shorts.

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Questions for you:

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