2XU Gear Review

2XU clothing review

I haven’t ever tried 2XU clothing, so I was excited to try a new brand. I’m always looking for new pieces of gear to try, and I must admit, 2XU did not disappoint. It’s quickly become some of my favorite clothing. I’ve heard their compression clothing is awesome so I was excited to try some of their looser fitting gear too.

2XU clothing review

About the brand 2XU:

2XU was designed to create the best performance gear for Triathletes. They originally designed gear to help improve triathlons’ preparation, performance, and recovery. Now they say they focus on all sorts of sports, not just triathlons.

Over the past 20 years, 2XU has partnered with world-leading teams to scientifically prove the benefits of 2XU gear. They test their garments using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.

My Experience with 2XU Clothing:

I tried a sports bra, singlet, and shorts. Each of them performed well, and I have no complaints. They’ve already all quickly become staples in my rotation. The top is one of my favorite racing tops!

Motion Tech Singlet (59.99)

Sizing: I typically wear a small size top, which fits well.

Materials: 65% polyamide, 35% polyester

About the Motion Tech Singlet:

The NILIT® Breeze yarns use a unique polymer and texturing process to provide more ventilation, and they are proven to lower the body temperature by 1 degree Celsius. The singlet has flexibility, smoothness, and quick drying with engineered ventilation zones.

The first time I tried the 2XU Motion Tech Singlet was during the Bra Run. It was hot. So hot. The Motion Tech Singlet helped keep me cooler. Was it still very hot? Yes. But the lightweight material felt good. As far as fit, it’s more of a crop. I’m 5’8 with a longer torso, and I found the Notion Tech Singlet to fit much shorter than a standard singlet. It wasn’t short enough as a crop top, but it meets right where high-waisted shorts come up. So it’s a great fit and excellent for racing. In all, I think the 2XU Motion Tech Singlet is one of my more favorite racing tops.

2XU clothing review

Aero Medium Impact Bra (59.99)

Sizing: I typically wear a 34B or size small sports bra, and the small Aero Medium Impact Bra fits well.

Materials: Main: 77% nylon, 23% nylon

Mesh: 71% polyamide, 29% elstane

The 2XU Aero Medium Impact Bra keeps you dry during workouts, including running, HIIT, or spin sessions. It has an underhand elastic, which increases breathability and keeps you dry.

I started using the Aero Medium Impact bra during running in the Mojave Desert. I have A LOT to say about it, and it’s all good. I didn’t have an issue with any movement, and I found it super secure during all kinds of workouts.

My absolute favorite part is there are no removable pads, but the sports are also not see-through. They are built right in, so you don’t have to worry about them flying around, but you also don’t have to worry about modesty. It seems lately you either need to choose: a sports bra with removable pads or a see-through bra. I want just want a sports bra that I don’t have pads or underwire, but is supportive and isn’t thin. So yes, the 2XU Aero Medium Impact Bra is one of my favorites, and I will probably get more.

2XU clothing review

Aero 4-inch Shorts ($49.99)

Sizing: I usually wear a size small, and the tiny aero shorts fit well.

The Aero 4-inch shorts feature a Wide, knit elastic waistband and lightweight stretch weaved fabric. They are both moisture-wicking, plus there are reflective logos for low-lit settings. A zippered back pocket can store phones, cards, or keys.

The 2XU Aero 4-inch shorts are the basic shorts we all need in our wardrobe. They breathe well and are an excellent loose fit with no significant movement or issues. The back pocket works and holds my phone without movement. I’m always cautious, but I’ve had no problems. In all, it’s a great basic short of having in the rotation.

2XU clothing review


While none of the 2XU gear is cheap, it’s all reasonable, and 2XU usually has sales. At the time of writing, they were having a Labor Day Sale where most of their gear was 20% off.

2XU Conclusion:

I’m a massive fan of 2XU gear, and I’ll have to try more of their equipment, including some of their compression shorts. That is what they are known for! I will get a couple more Aero sports bras because they have quickly become my favorite.

You can purchase 2XU here and see all gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

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