June Training

Mountains 2 Beach Half Marathon (1:34.10)

Whew, June.

June was a whirlwind month for me. I know I’ve said that often, but my spouse finished his year-long program, I began a new job, we found out we are moving (about .3 up the road), and it’s been a lot. Not in a bad way, as I find myself growing and learning, but differently. At least for the first week of July, I get to hang out with friends and family on the East Coast and relax. Kind of?

June Quick Stats:

Miles Run: 280

Rest Days: 4

Workouts: 2 (both 12X400s with 90 seconds rest)


Mountains 2 Beach Half Marathon (1:34.10)

Sugar Daddy Race 5k (20:51)

Hot Fudge Sundae Run 5k (21:39)

Swimming: 15,000 yards

Biking: (really????) 6 miles

Mountains 2 Beach Half Marathon (1:34.10)


As mentioned, June was a big transitional month for me. My husband graduated from his year-long program: Test Pilot School. This school was the reason we moved here, and it feels weird now that he’s done. He took time off work for the next 2 months and will then do what he was trained to do (IE, be a test pilot). So we are staying here for a while.


We are only moving down the road, but it still means packing all 12,000 pounds out of home goods from one house to another. Although, we are finally getting rid of an oversized ticket weight item: the elliptical that we haven’t used in literally 2-3 years. (I am so excited to get it out of the house…I digress).

Mountains 2 Beach Half Marathon (1:34.10)

On the work front: I started a new job and not just that but I am entirely new to my job. I didn’t have any prior experience in the field, which means it’s been a steep learning curve for me. It’s full-time, and I typically spend 8-4:30 there. The perk is you get 3 hours of paid “fitness” time, but I usually need to be done running by 7 am because it’s so hot. Since it’s well over 100 degrees after work, I don’t foresee myself waiting until the end of the day to run. I want to find a routine where I can get a couple of swimming days after work, but I haven’t started that yet.

Running to Mount Pinos, Sawmill Mountain, and Grouse MountainRunning to Mount Pinos, Sawmill Mountain, and Grouse Mountain

Swimming: My swimming fell by the wayside since that was typically a mid-day activity. Luckily I’m not training for anything, and if I were, I would choose that in the mornings over running.

Running: My running has started feeling better after spending close to a month recovering from the flu. I got the flu in early May, and it took until mid-June to feel “normal again.” Running and breathing felt hard, and after taking an entire week off, it took me 4-5 to get to where I was before the flu. Adminadetely, I didn’t do as many workouts as I wanted in June because of all of my life stress. I chose easier runs instead of running hard when I was already exhausted from life.


Biking: Yes, I’m biking. Somewhat, I planned to do more, but then it was 110 degrees. I sold my car, and as I wait for a new one, I plan to bike to work when possible. I am lucky that my commute is roughly four miles from my house. I don’t intend to run to work because I would have to run back in the afternoon. I also don’t plan to train biking because I don’t love riding hard, but I don’t mind casually riding to work.

Sugar Daddy Race 5k (20:51)

What’s Next:

I want to spend the summer racing as much as possible. I hope to do mostly 5ks but maybe a half each month to see how I’m progressing. So if you know of any good races in or around LA or San Diego, I am interested.

Anyway I feel like June was my most eventful month in a very long time. There are lots of life changes (all good) but no one gets through change without a little stress. It makes for great blogging content though as I’m not just like: “this was a boring month” like usual.

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Questions for you:

How was your month of training?

Are you training for anything?