Honey Stinger Performance Chew Review

Honey Stinger Performance Chew Review

I was excited to try the Honey Stinger Performance Chews. I’m always looking for different nutrition to try on long runs.

I’m no stranger to the brand Honey Stinger, although I haven’t written many reviews until recently. See the Honey Stinger Gels. Anyway, I’ve used their products on and off for years. As you would guess from the name, most products (maybe all) are honey-based. This means they are made from natural sugars as opposed to artificial sweeteners. Natural sugars tend to be more gentle on the stomach.

Honey Stinger Performance Chew Review

About the Brand Honey Stinger:

Honey Stringer claims their gels can be eaten straight from the packet, before, during, or after activity. Plus, you can spread them on toast or stir them into tea. You can even add to water and create your energy drink. Like the name suggests, they are made from honey. The honey delays muscle fatigue and gives your body power during workouts.

Honey Stinger creates products on the 3 phases of working out: preparation (before), performance (during), and recovery (after). They design products for each specific phase.

About Honey Stinger Performance Chews:

The Honey Stinger’s performance chews line is designed for high-intensity and longer-duration workouts. This means your strenuous efforts, your workouts, and long runs. The electrolyte mixture contains: sodium, potassium, and calcium to replenish electrolyte reserves to keep you hydrated during epic efforts.

What makes the Performance Chews different?

They contain extra electrolytes plus 75mg of caffeine. They are designed to give your body more. The honey provides energy, whereas the caffeine reduces perceived exertion, and electrolytes replenish what you lose.

The Honey Stinger Performance Chews are available in 2 flavors, including stingrita lime and mango melon. Both have the same electrolytes, calories, and caffeine.

Honey Stinger Performance Chew Review

My Experience with Honey Stinger Performance Chews:

I was excited to try the Performance Chews. Typically on easy long runs or trail runs, I prefer snacking on something versus a gel. I thought the Honey Stinger Performance Chews would be a perfect place there. I first used the Honey Stinger Performance Chews on an easy long trail run (about 2 hours). I appreciated the flavor, and I definitely felt the energy as well as the caffeine. It wasn’t enough to make me jittery, but I felt the extra caffeine. I’ve used them on a couple of faster runs as well, but I think I prefer gels or liquid hydration. That being said, the Performance Chews didn’t hinder my running, and I didn’t get any cramps.

Flavors I tried:

  • Stingrita Lime: You could definitely taste the lime, but like other products from Honey Stinger, it airs on the sweet side.
  • Mango Melon: This was my favorite of the two flavors. I like how sweet it is and feel like it makes sense.

The consistency is a chew but slightly more sticky than other brands. I would think that is from the honey. It’s not too messy and goes down well. I like both flavors, and I’ll continue to consume them, but the Mango Melon is definitely my favorite. I feel like the Stingrita Lime tastes too sweet for the flavor it is. Is it terrible? No, but it’s just not my favorite.

Honey Stinger Performance Chew Review

Cost: 12 for $36.99

These are not cheap, and in fact, they are one of the more expensive options. I was really surprised it came out to just over $3 each.

Honey Stinger Performance Chews Conclusion:

I like the Performance Chews, and I’ll continue to use them. That being said, it’s hard to justify the cost. You could argue there are more servings, but it’s still a pricy option. Does Honey Stinger Performance Chews work? Yes. Am I sold on paying that much for chews? I’m not sure! There are other more expensive brands, but I do hope this isn’t a new trend. While nothing to do with the review, I wish Honey Stinger would provide more information about their company and products. I know *less* people read information these days, but it’s challenging to find much information.

Honey Stinger Performance Chew Review
Honey Stinger Performance Chew Review

You can purchase Honey Stinger Performance Chews here and see all gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Honey Stinger Performance Chews?

What is your favorite nutrition while running?