Rothy’s Review

Rothy's Review

So when I first mentioned I was going back to work, many people suggested Rothy’s shoes. As someone who has worn running shoes or comfortable shoes for a decade, it was overwhelming to find a pair of comfortable work shoes. Working in run specialty, I have become a diva about what goes on my feet, and shopping for new work shoes has not been my favorite. But from what others told me, Rothy’s were the best for wide feet. I had so many questions before spending $120+ on my own pair.

Apparently you can wash Rothy’s in the washing machine?

Are Rothy’s comfortable?

Are Rothy’s worth it?

Are Rothy’s good for people with wide feet or bunions?

Are they worth the price?

First, I bought them with my own money. While I’ve reviewed dozens of running-related footwear or even comfortable sandals, this might be my first “work shoe” I’ve reviewed.

Rothy's Review

About the brand:

The brand Rothy’s promises sustainable, washable and comfortable footwear. That’s a lot for a single pair of shoes. Rothy’s was founded in 2012 and launched in 2016. Based in San Franciso, they have 12 stores in major cities, including San Francisco, LA, DC, New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, and Scottsdale.

While they started in shoes (and that’s still the majority of sales), they have since expanded to handbags and men’s shoes. I really want one of their Carryall Totes but haven’t taken the plunge to spend $395 on it.

What are Rothy’s Made Out Of?

Rothy’s makes their shoes out of recycled plastic. From their website, they have turned over 37 million bottles into shoes. They also use Merino Wool (the same type of Wool as Allbirds). The sole is made from carbon-free rubber or leather rubber.

Even though their packaging is suitable, they are moving toward a zero-waste company. Of all of the shoe brands and companies I’ve reviewed, I would say Rothy’s is the most sustainable.

Rothy's Review

Can You actually put Rothy’s in the Washing Machine?

It was tough for me to take the plunge and put them into the washing machine, but I was intrigued by their claim that you can. As you know, shoes get dirty. It’s not as much of an issue with running shoes, but no one wants dirty working or casual shoes. You can definitely put them into the washing machine, and they aren’t get damaged (unlike running shoes that go get damaged). But if you are looking for them to come out looking brand new, they won’t. They will look cleaner, but they won’t be brand new.

In short, I recommend darker colors if you are worried about getting them dirty. The lighter shades don’t come clean in the washing machine fully.

What Kind of Styles Does Rothy’s Offer?

  • The Point: ballet flats with a pointed toe
  • The Flat: A standard round toe flat
  • Loafers: A rounded loafer that looks similar to The Flat
  • Sneakers: Standard, minimalist sneakers
  • The Chelsea: A boot mimicking the style of a Chelsea Boot
  • The Mary Jane is a brand new style that looks like The Point but has a bow or securing strap. This is my favorite style.

Rothy's Review

While I don’t review the “looks” of running shoes, I will review the “looks” of work shoes. Some of the shoe styles I don’t love. I found the loafers and sneakers not to be my favorite, and the Chelsea looked a little clunky to me. I like the looks of the Point, Flat, and Mary Jane but ultimately decided to go with the Mary Jane. I want something slightly more secure on the top of my feet when I’m walking around.

Rothy’s looks like casual or flats you can get away with for work. Can you wear them to a formal event? Probably not, but as far as work and everyday life, they look fine to wear.

Rothy’s Fit:

With workout shoes, you should buy them larger for when your feet expand while working out. That isn’t the case with casual and work shoes, and many people prefer something more form-fitted. Old habits die hard, and I tend to get the same size shoe as my running shoe (I probably order them slightly bigger than I need) but also have wide feet.

Rothy’s shoes fit true to size. If you have wider feet, I recommend getting a half size up. Even if you have wide feet or bunions, your feet will comfortable fit into the more pointed styles. I have wider feet and was worried about how my foot would fit, but it fits and feels fine. How they feel at the end of the day is the biggest test, and Rothy’s footwear feels good during the entire day. My feet don’t hurt at the end.

Finally, I’ve worn Rothy’s for several weeks and haven’t gotten any blisters. I was worried about that!

I wear between a 10-11 wide in shoes and found the size 10 to fit perfectly. Since the flat is made from cloth, it does stretch a little bit. This is helpful if you have wider feet, but you shouldn’t rely on the stretch.

Rothy's Review

Rothy’s Support:

Many people get support and cushion mixed up. Support keeps your arches propped up and aligned, whereas cushion keeps your feet comfortable throughout the day (and makes it feel like you are walking on more than concrete). Most flats have neither.

I was looking for something I could wear all day (8+ hours) without hurting my feet. I got a ton of recommendations for Rothy’s, so I decided to give them a shot. Rothy’s do have more cushion than the average flat. Of course they don’t have as much as a sneaker (even the Rothy’s sneakers don’t have as much cushion as a running shoe). If you are looking for a flat with support, you aren’t likely to find one (if you do, let me know).

Rothy’s does have plenty of cushion, and of any flat I’ve tried so far, it has given me the during the day. Even with the pointed style, I don’t feel like my feet are falling asleep. While I don’t go for walks in them, I have walked a few miles during the day, and I find they have more cushion than most regular and casual shoes.

Rothy's Review


It’s no secret that Rothy’s are expensive, ranging in price from $145+. The quality is definitely there, and if you are someone who is trying to take care of your feet (you should be), it’s worth the price. Despite consistently paying that much for casual shoes, I had difficulty paying that much for running shoes. But I do find they are worth it.

Rothy’s Conclusion:

I really like my Rothy’s, and I’ll probably be getting more pairs in the future. I’ve found the quality to be great, and after wearing them for a few weeks and 40 hours a week, my feet feel great. Of course, they aren’t going to give you the same cushion as running shoes, but they are better than much other stuff out there.

You can purchase Rothy’s here and see all gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

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