Vosteed Morgan Chef’s Knife Review

Vosteed Morgan Chef's Knife Review

I needed a new knife and was excited to try the Vosteed Morgan Chef’s Knife. I haven’t been posting recipes and cooking as much lately. Although last week I did share a buffalo cauliflower recipe. I’m still cooking and eating, but I haven’t found much that interests me. I’ve changed my cooking around a fair amount as I try to figure out what works well and is fast for dinners.

As most people know, the chef’s knife is the most important knife in the kitchen. It’s versatile and can be used for almost anything. Before having a good chef’s knife, I never realized its importance. I knew good knives could make everything easier, but I couldn’t distinguish between a $20 knife and $100. Keep in mind that I am not a professional chef. I am just a regular person who makes dinner and needs a high-quality knife.

Vosteed Morgan Chef's Knife Review

About the brand Vosteed:

Vosteed was founded in 2021 and is based on three key principles:

  • Functionality: Vosteed strives to use best-in-class materials and a time-honored manufacturing process. This means the Vosteed knives are designed to last longer but also impact the environment less.
    Design: Vosteed knives are purposefully engineered cutlery products to inspire you to cook and share your journey.
  • Community: They also work closely with customers, chefs, and knife makers. They invite their customers to help with the designing process and share their food stories.

Vosteed Morgan Chef's Knife Review

About the Vosteed Morgan Chef’s Knife:

Features of the Morgan Chef’s Knife:

  • 8-inch blade with full full-tang construction
  • a stainless-steel alloy with strong edge retention
  • G10 handle
  • k-tip style tip

Vosteed Morgan Chef's Knife Review

Quick Stats:

  • Hardware specs
  • Weight: 7 ounces
  • Length: 8-inch blade, 5.11-inch handle
  • Material: 9Cr18MoV steel blade, G10 handle

The Morgan series of knives are influenced by Japanese Knife Design. They were the original knives that launched Vosteed Cutlery in 2021.

What comes in the Vosteed Morgan Chef’s Knife box?

  • Welcome Letter and Knife Guide
  • Vosteed Morgan Chef’s Knife
  • Protective sheath
  • Tip protectors
  • A Vosteed keychain

Design: The Vosteed Morgan Chef’s Knife was designed by Yue Dong. He took the standard profile of a Western Chef’s Knife and added the geometry of an Eastern Kitchen Knife to make something unique.

What makes it unique? The Morgan Chef’s Knife is triple laminated, which means it is made of three-layer steel with a core layer is 9Cr18MoV. What is 9Cr18MoV? (a bunch of letters? JK) It’s made from 0.9% carbon and 18% chromium. The knife has a strong edge retention, hardness, and corrosion resistance. For those curious, the Rockwell hardness is 58 to 60. That means it’s not hard enough to be brittle but hard enough to maintain a sharp edge.

Tip: The Morgan Chef’s Knife has a “k-tip,” which comes from the Japanese word kiritsuke (to slit open). This is the same style of tip used to slice raw fish.

Handle: The handle is made from G10, a “thermoset plastic laminate.” The material keeps its shape in high temperatures and is hard to break. Plus, it’s lightweight. The G10 material is overlaid onto a full tang design. You’ll notice the tail has a unique notch.

Box: Maybe I don’t order enough knives, but the Morgan Chef’s Knife comes in a sturdy box with tip protectors and a protective sheath.

Vosteed Morgan Chef's Knife Review

My Experience with the Vosteed Morgan Chef’s Knife:

Any chef’s knife is designed to be used in a rocking motion. This means it needs a balanced handle with a curved blade. The Vosteed Morgan Chef’s Knife is slightly heavier than I expected. You can tell the Morgan Chef’s Knife is a high-quality knife out of the box. I appreciate how sharp it is and how easy it handles in the kitchen. As someone who has used not great knives throughout the years, I really don’t want to worry about cutting myself or spending 10 minutes trying to cut through large items like fruit or meat.

I’ve done several tasks using the Vosteed Morgan Chef’s Knife, including:

  • Slicing vegetables: The Morgan Chef’s Knife is slightly bigger than I prefer for slicing vegetables, but it’s so sharp that it makes it easy.
  • Cutting large meats: It really shines when cutting large meats like ribs, pork, turkey, or ham.
  • Cutting large fruit: It’s easy to cut large fruit such as pineapple or watermelon.

Vosteed Morgan Chef's Knife Review

What don’t I Love with the Vosteed Morgan Chef’s Knife?

There isn’t anything I wouldn’t change. The Morgan Chef’s Knife is high quality and easily cuts through items any chef’s knife would cut. I would like to see smaller versions eventually that would make slicing easier.


At just $59, the Vosteed Morgan Chef’s Knife is one of the cheaper chef’s knives. It’s hard to believe because it’s such a high-quality knife.

Vosteed Morgan Chef’s Knife Conclusion:

I like the Morgan Chef’s Knife and want to try other products from Vosteed. Their knives make slicing and cutting easy. It’s a great knife and affordable. It’s already become a staple in our kitchen.

You can purchase the Vosteed Morgan Chef’s Knife here and see all food-related posts here.

Questions for you:

what is your favorite kitchen knife?

Have you tried the Vosteed Morgan Chef’s Knife?


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