Nathan Zipster Review

Nathan Zipster Review

The Nathan Zipster is a great waist belt for running or any fitness activity. I’ve been looking for accessories I can keep fuel in a while hiking and on the go. Regarding brands, Nathan makes some of the highest quality accessories, including hydration accessories, vests, handheld bottles, and lights. I’m no stranger to Nathan and have tried several things throughout the years, including:

Nathan Zipster Review

About the brand Nathan:

Nathan has been around 40 years and creates the accessories you need for working out, including:

I’ve used several of their products, and they do corner the market in most of the accessories, especially water bottles and lights for running.

About the Nathan Zipster:

The Zipster is a slim storage belt that sits directly on your waist. Unlike many running belts, you’ll need to find a specific size, and it’s not adjustable. This allows for more storage space in the belt. But it also means you must buy a new belt if you change your size.


  • Soft stretch through belt
  • Sized to fit from XS-XL
  • Individually separated zippered pockets keep your essentials in place
Nathan Zipster Review
Easy opening to store more fuel

My Experience with the Nathan Zipster:

I am always looking for ways to hold my phone, keys, and nutrition on longer runs. Ideally, I want something that would also hold a water bottle, so I’m not carrying it. The Nathan Zipster is available in sizes XS-XL. There aren’t as many size options as the Flipbelt. I am usually a women’s size XS and decided a size small belt was the best option so it could hold gear and not slide down.

The Nathan Zipster Belt is lightweight ad only weighs about an ounce. There are four waterproof pockets designed for storage. While running, the Nathan Zipster stays in place, and once I pull it up, I don’t have to worry about it sliding down. The zippered pockets allow it to carry plenty of fueling, credit cards, keys, and a cell phone without falling. I don’t think it will fit the biggest phones with a case, but it fits my iPhone with an otterbox fine.

The best running belts are not noticeable while running, and the Nathan Zipster is just that.

The only problem with the Nathan Zipster is the fact that it’s one piece, and you can tighten or loosen it. I didn’t have an issue finding the right size (I just went up one size), but if none of the sizes fit you well, you aren’t going to enjoy running with it.

Nathan Zipster Review

Cost: $20

The Nathan Zipster is one of the cheaper options, but right now, you can find select sizes on sale for $6.99. I guess they are updating colors.

Nathan Zipster Conclusion:

The Nathan Zipster is a good option to hold nutrition, phone, or other small items. I wish it had a water bottle attachment, so I’m not stuck carrying a bottle, too, but it does what it needs to. You don’t have to worry about it sliding around during high-impact activities. I’ll continue using it, and I think it’s a good option for storing items.

You can purchase the Nathan Zipster here and see all gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the Nathan Zipster?

What is your favorite way to hold gear on the run? 


  1. I’ve been using a flip belt in the winter sometimes, I just don’t carry that much..a key fob, maybe my phone. so at times overkill….I’ve heard that flip belt has an option for carrying hydration, so may check that out

    1. Yes! The flipbelt can hold hydration so it makes it better for that!

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