November Training: It Was Great…until it wasn’t

me running

I had written “negative training logs.” Training logs where you admit you’re injured, or you are injured. I’ve been blogging since 2010, and somehow they never get easier. Anyway, November started off great. I thought I was finally getting into “running shape.” I ran a 1:29 half marathon on a fairly difficult course.

me running

Miles Run: 230 miles

Workouts: 4

Range of Paces: 5:43-19:30-untimed 


Whittier Spooktacular 5K (20:09)

Finish the Ride 5k (20:11)

Run Local Santa Barbara Half Marathon (1:29.12)


This training log should be divided into two parts, before the fall when I was running and after (11/19 until now). I felt like I was finally beginning to build fitness. Was I running PRs? No, but I was finally well under 1:30 for a half marathon, something I’ve been chasing for a while.

I ran 600s at 5:40-5:50 pace in my last workout and honestly couldn’t believe it. I thought my “watch might be off,” but it wasn’t.

me running

On 11/19, I fell in my kitchen. My cats were running like maniacs, and I fell flat on my back. It hurt. A LOT. It hurt so much I ended up driving to urgent care and getting an x-ray. Six hours later and I didn’t have any answers.

Now nearly two weeks later, I don’t have any answers. Thankfully I was approved for an MRI, which I am getting today. The range of possible diagnosis of a broken bone in my pelvis to muscle spasm to herniated disc to some sort of blood clot that has formed. My guess is whatever it is pushing on my SI Joint. Hopefully, it’s something “easy to fix,” whether that means a broken bone that I must rest or a muscle issue that cortisone can help. I do miss running, but I miss not living in chronic pain running

It also made Thanksgiving not “great” since I was in pain and canceled my original plans to see my family in San Diego. So that’s where I’m at. I’ve missed several races I was extremely excited about, including in San Diego and Nevada, but as my spouse said: “there will never be a good time to get injured.” It also isn’t as if I was in peak shape and about to run a PR or big race. I won’t lie, the mental toll of just hurting doing simple tasks like sitting or walking is tiring, but luckily today, I will get an MRI and hopefully some answers.

I am lucky I’ve been swimming consistently since my fall. The doctor said it was fine, and the pool is one of the only spots my back doesn’t hurt. So I am lucky to be able to have one thing that doesn’t give me pain. In fact, I would just live my life in the pool if I could because it takes the stress of my back.

me swimming

I don’t think fitness is lost in a couple of weeks. I’m not worried about the “comeback to running.” I really just want answers to why I’m still in pain 2 weeks later.

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Hopefully, December will be better, and I’ll find some relief. And if you made it to this point, I hope you had a great holiday!

Questions for you:
Have you had back pain before?
How was your Thanksgiving? 



  1. So sorry you’re in such pain. I hope the MRI gives you the answers you’re looking for and more importantly, doesn’t show anything major! Feel better soon.

  2. So sorry your back is messed up. Actually, my low back has been hurting for about 3 weeks now. It is no fun. It has loosened up some, so I’m grateful for that. Hang in there. 🤗

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