Spryng Review

Spryng Review

Recently I tried the Spryng recovery boots. As we know by now, recovery is a “big deal” in the running world. There are new recovery products coming out almost daily. At what point are we just like? Get more sleep.

Anyway, as someone who finds themselves with sore calves the most, I am always looking for things to help that. I discovered Spryng compression boots. I liked that they were portable and not huge like Normatec. If I wanted to travel with them, I didn’t have to worry about them taking up. a lot of room or wires strung around everywhere.

Spryng Review

What is Spryng?

Spryng are wireless pneumatic calf sleeves. They claim to relieve achy and tired muscles with active compression.

The research points that even as a runner, sitting around can make you more sore. Active recovery, or some light movement helps promote blood flow to your legs, which can help speed up recovery. Spryng uses this same concept and helps promote blood flow to your legs.

Price: $250 + $30 for the knuckles attachment


  • Cheaper than other calf sleeve devices
  • No wires and extremely portable
  • Not complicated


  • Doesn’t go “extremely deep into the calf”

My Experience With Spryng:

When the Spryng box arrived, I was surprised of how small it was. I expected it to be bigger, heavier, and more cumbersome. But when it came to my house, it looked like a regular shipping box and wasn’t the heavy. I was expecting the Spryng compression sleeves to be more complicated. I’ve used other compression sleves that take forever to figure out.

The Spryng sleeves also come with “knuckles” which are supposed to make the pressure more intense. I didn’t know what it was for a few days. I thought: did they give me a seating pad?

Controls: The controls of Spryng are fairly easy to use. There are 3 buttons. The middle turns the Spryng compression sleeves on. The leg button moves between two compression patterns and the right controls the intensity level.

Charging: Plus there is a USB charging port. I’ve found that chring the Spryng takes roughly 2 hours but I’ve only had to charge them a couple of times. One thing I noticed with Spryng and maybe it was just mine is it didn’t come with a charging cable. It does use a standard cable and luckily we had one at our house.

Using Spryng: Spryng are by far the easiest and most compact sleeves I’ve tried. I can walk around my house and I can use them on the go. They aren’t cumbersome or heavy, so I don’t feel like my legs have weights on them.

Spryng Review

The thing about Spryng, however, is while they feel good, they aren’t going to work out knots or if you have extreme pain. If your someone that needs to foam roll you calves often, the foam roller is going to go deeper. It does feel good and like a pain of compression socks, it promotes blood flow to your legs. (More than compression socks).

Spryng Review

I added the knuckle liner to my Spryng and found it to get slightly more into the meat of my calve. It was never intense though. It felt like a “feel good” massage versus a sports massage.

In all, I like the Spryng compression sleeves and I do like the amount of blood flow, but I also realize they aren’t going to get super deep and solve injury relate pain.

Spryng Conclusion:

I like the Spryng and I appreciate how easy to use they ar and how portable they are. They aren’t going to solve injury related pain so if you find yourself needing a deep tissue massage, you might go towards that or foam rolling. They are a great recovery device and do feel good when using.

To me, Spryng is going to be best for those who have mild leg soreness, poor circulation or swollen legs. If you are sore from hard workouts, you might need something that gets deeper into the muscle.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Spryng or any calf compression?

What is your favorite form or recovery?


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