Lock Laces Review

Lock Laces Review

As most runners can tell you, having your shoe come untied is annoying. Lock Laces are the original no-tie shoelaces. You don’t have to worry about your laces coming untied while running, working out, or living life. They are also a great idea for younger and older generations who don’t want or need to worry about tying their shoes. You don’t need to be a runner to utilize them and anyone of pretty much any age can benefit from Lock Laces.

Lock Laces Review


As mentioned, Lock Laces are the original no-tie shoelaces. In 1997, Eric Jackson, a track athlete, was frustrated with his shoelaces coming untied. After practice, he created the first pair out of two bungee cords and a cord lock.

His friends began asking him to create pairs. The following year he obtained a patent, created a shop, and ran his company Street Smart LLC in Baltimore.

In the early days, Lock Laces were used mostly by triathletes. As we know, winning a tri can come down to seconds. These seconds often come down to the transition and no one wants to waste time tying shoes. So the laces grew as a way to save time during transitions. As more triathletes talked about Lock Laces, more people became familiar with the brand and it continued to grow. They realized they could reach more people than they ever imagined.

Lock Laces Review

True to its roots, it remains a small business! Now they offer products like the pro series made for obstacle courses, bark bottle, a water bottle made for dogs, and odor drops made to keep your shoes smelling good.

My experience with Lock Laces:

Installation for Lock Laces is easy. You lace up your shoes with the lock laces and then thread the laces through the double eyelet lock. Finally, slide the lock to the tongue of your shoe and trim the excess lace. Adjusting the tightness is easy. You can adjust to your own preference.

Lock Laces Review

A common question I’ve gotten after working in the running industry is: how tight should your shoelaces be? They should never be too tight. Tightness does not mean extra support and you should always feel comfortable.

After installing them, you don’t feel as though they are “weird” in your shoes. After I finish installing lock laces, I forget I even have installed them. They are not any tighter than regular shoelaces, and the comfort level is the same. Many people think they will become “too tight,” but truthfully, they are just as comfortable as any other shoelace out there. You can loosen them to your own preference.

I’ve found lock laces to be great for racing shoes. I don’t need to worry about my shoelaces coming untied. I also have a few pairs in various training shoes and even trail shoes. That way, I don’t get my laces caught on anything on the trails. As someone who already falls enough on trails, I don’t need any more reasons.

They are also good for younger kids who don’t want to worry about tying their shoes or the older crowd who don’t want to worry about tying their shoes. Unless you are someone who “loves traditional shoelaces,” they are beneficial to pretty much anyone.

Lock Laces Review

Cost: 1 pair of $8.99 or 3 packs for $19.99

The cost of many quality running shoelaces is about the same cost, so realistically you aren’t paying much more. It’s nice they give you a discount on 3 pairs!

Lock Laces Conclusion:

I think Lock Laces is a great product. You don’t feel as though your wearing “something weird” on your feet but also don’t have to worry about your shoes coming untied. Plus, you won’t be midrace and wondering: “do I need to tie my shoe.” As mentioned, you definitely don’t need to be a runner to get use out of Lock Laces and anyone of any age could benefit.

You can buy Lock Laces here and see all gear reviews here.

Questions for you:

Have you tried Lock Laces?

What is the worst time your shoes have come untied? 

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