Avoalre Socks Review

Avoalre Socks Review

As most runners know by now, good socks are necessary. Recently I tried Avoalre socks, which are a new to me sock brand. As a new brand, there isn’t a lot on Avoalre socks, but I was excited to try them and give them the benefit of the doubt. Finding good socks is tricky, especially with running. Many lower-quality socks cause blisters or fall down.

Avoalre Socks Review

About Avoalre High-Performance Socks:

They are designed for optimum workout comfort for your running and workouts.

  • Moisture-wicking and odor control: Avoalre socks are made from quick-dry CoolMax fiber. It moves perspiration away effectively from the skin. Moving moisture away quickly prevents blisters as well as foot odor.
  • Non-Slip: As a runner, there is not too much worse (sock-wise) than your sock falling down. Avoalre Socks use highly elastic lycra fibers that provide moderate compression to improve circulation and oxygen flow. They also don’t shrink after washing.
  • Extra Cushioning: Avoalre socks have a seamless design in the toe that makes them flat on the interior. They protect your foot from chafing and irritation. Plus, Avoalre Socks also have arch support for an improved fit.
  • Breathable: Probably the most important feature of socks is “are they breathable.” If they aren’t breathable, they are going to create blisters. The mesh ventilation provides 30% more breathability than most other sport socks.
  • Durability:  With 35% nylon, Avoalre socks are more resistant than many other sport socks. According to Avoalre, the socks are 2.3 times more durable than other sports socks.


30% coolmax, 30% cotton, 35% nylon, and 4% lycra


I wear a women’s size 10-11 shoe, and I found the medium sock to fit appropriately.

Avoalre Socks Review


$20 for 3 pairs. Compared to similar socks

My experience with Avoalre socks:

I was super intrigued because typically, anything with cotton doesn’t breathe well. Once it gets moisture into it, the sock causes blisters or chafing. I’ve made plenty of mistakes that way. Like many runners, I get nervous about trying new socks. I first took Avoalre socks out for a 3-mile run. They breathe well. As time progressed, I took them out for longer runs and didn’t find any issues. My feet feel great and I don’t have any hot spots.

While they don’t come in a wide variety of colors (black, grey, and white), Avoalre socks do come above the ankle. Many people don’t want “no show socks” and it can be hard to find good running socks that come above the ankle. I haven’t had any issues with Avoalre Socks slipping and they fit well.

As far as durability, I’m not entirely sure I believe they last 2.3 times longer than other brands. I do think they are incredibly durable, but I don’t see them lasting 5+ years. I’ve had other athletic socks such as balega and feetures that are over 2 years old and still going strong.

Avoalre Socks Review

Avoalre Sock Conclusion:

If you are looking for socks that come out above the ankle and breathe well, Avoalre Socks are a great option. Plus, they are substantially cheaper than other sport sock brands.

You can purchase Avoalre Socks here. They currently have a discount for 15% off using code FYKM2CUG (Expires 11/30/2022).

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Avoalre Socks?

What is your favorite sock brand?