BioChem Review

BioChem Review

Recently I tried a few different BioChem products. Like most runners, I’m always looking for the best ways to recover. I stumbled upon BioChem when looking up different BCAA and Glutamine products. Before trying them, I actually had no idea what BCAA or Glutamine even was! I knew a lot of my fitness friends took them but had no idea what they did.

BioChem Review

About the Brand BioChem:

The brand BioChem is designed to model nature. As we know, nature provides sustainable and pure protein sources. BioChem designed their product to combine the best science and technology and stay close to nature by creating more pure and effective supplements.

BioChem Values:

  • Stay Close to Nature: Biochem sources its ingredients from nature. They choose naturally sweetened products!
  • Create products they love: The employees use their products, so they have to like them.
  • Keep High Standards
  • Continue Innovating
  • Think Sustainability and Responsibly: This is important to me, and I appreciate brands and companies that work to protect the environment

My Experience with BioChem:

I tried several different products, including the BCAA’s Glutamine, and whey collagen. I’ve used various collagen products over the last few years, and it’s one of the few supplements that I see noticeable results in my skin, hair, and nails (not as much fitness). Here is one of the many posts I wrote: Top Benefits of Collagen

I’ve heard of BCAAs and Glutamine but never consumed it consistently. I was excited to try it and see how it worked for me.


First, what are BCAAs?

BCAAs are branched-chain amino acids. They have been shown to increase muscle growth, decrease muscle soreness, reduce exercise fatigue and prevent muscles from breaking down.

But is that all talk? BioChem BCAAs are actually one of the few vegan BCAAs out there. BioChem manufactures their BCAAs with a fermentation process that contains a 2:1:1 ratio to support protein synthesis & muscle recovery.

BioChem Review bcaa

My Experience with BioChem BCAAs:

I really didn’t know what to expect with the BioChem BCAAs. Honestly, I’ve never regularly taken BCAAs, so I wondered if I would see any effect. As suggested, I mixed it with the Glutamine and took it regularly after hard workouts for just over a month.

The BCAA powder was easy to mix and fully dissolved in water. I didn’t have a nasty, gritty powder at the bottom, and it dissolved simply by stirring with a spoon. That alone is winning for me!

I did find myself less sore than usual. Was it amazing results? No, but I did find myself less sore than usual and recovering faster, yes. It took me about 1 month of consistently using it to see any difference.


What is Glutamine? Before trying the BioChem Glutamine, I had no idea what it even was. My knowledge was several people take this and feel good afterward. I struggled with even spelling it. Glutamine is an amino acid. L-glutamine is produced naturally in your body and is concentrated in muscle tissues. Intense activity uses up the body’s reserve. BioChem Glutamine is tested for purity by pharmaceutical standards.

BioChem Review

My experience:

Like the BCAAs, I didn’t know what to expect from the BioChem Glutamine. I’ve never regularly taken Glutamine before.

As suggested, I mixed with the BCAAs and regularly took after hard workouts for just over a month. Like the BCAAs, the BioChem Glutamine dissolves directly into the water. I didn’t have any grit at the bottom, and it dissolved evenly. It is slightly more “powdery” than the BCAA.

After taking it for a month, I did find myself less sore than usual. Was it amazing results? No, but I did find myself less sore than usual and recovering faster, yes. The problem with taking them together is you wonder, was it the BioChem BCAAs? Was it the BioChem Glutamine? What made me feel better?

I do know I have felt better over the last month or so.

Finally, the flavor together is great. It’s a sweeter, almost peach-like flavor, but it isn’t overpowering, and it doesn’t taste like drinking chalk or straight chemical. As far as supplements go, I appreciate the flavor of the BioChem more than I thought I would.


I’ve written about collagen many times, and I believe it impacts my health and especially my skin in a positive way. It’s one of the few supplements I find I have noticeable positive effects.

BioChem created “C+” is a dual-action protein. It contains types I and III collagen peptides. When combined with whey protein isolate, it provides 20 grams of grass-fed protein with a complete amino acid profile. This is important because most collagen products do not contain a complete amino acid profile.

BioChem ReviewBioChem Review

My Experience with BioChem Collagen:

I prefer to mix my collagen with milk, and I did just that with the BioChem Collagen. It tasted good, and it wasn’t gritty. After using it for a month, I’ve noticed positive effects on my skin and joints. I used to think people just said that about collagen, but after consistently taking it for several years, I’ve noticed my skin is a lot brighter. I like the BioChem Collagen, and I do appreciate that it’s easy to digest and consume.

BioChem Review

BioChem Cost:

BioChem BCAAs: $24.75

BioChem Glutamine: $27.99

BioChem Collegen: $32.99

BioChem’s cost is actually cheaper than most other brands. I’ve bought collagen that has cost around $50 for the same amount of servings. After doing some research, it would appear the BCAA and Glutamine are in the cheaper range as well. You aren’t sacrificing quality, and each of the products is good.

BioChem Supplements Conclusion:

I find each of the BioChem products to work as anticipated. They don’t taste gritty, and I do feel noticeably better when taking them. I do think BCAA and Glutamine have a benefit in most runners’ lives. I’ve used collagen for a while, and I like the taste of BioChem, so I’ll continue using that too.

You can shop Biochem Products here and see all product reviews here.

Questions for you: 

Have you tried BioChem before?

Do you have a recovery supplement you like?