Tracksmith Fall Gear Review

Tracksmith Fall Gear Review

Recently I tried the Tracksmith Fall Gear. I never anticipated needing cold-weather gear in the desert. I mean, truthfully, I didn’t know anything about the climate and assumed it would just be hot all of the time. Boy, was  I wrong, and we are already down in the low 30s on some mornings.

I wrote about my first Tracksmith apparel here. Oddly enough, it’s still one of the most viewed posts on the blog.

Tracksmith Fall Gear Review

Common questions I get about Tracksmith Fall Gear and the brand Tracksmith in general:

Is Tracksmith Fall gear worth the price?

Is Tracksmith Fall gear quality gear?

Why is Tracksmith Fall gear so expensive? 

About the Brand Tracksmith:

Tracksmith Fall Collection: Brighton Base Layer: $88

  • 16.5 Micron Merino Wool Blend
  • 52% Wool, 28% Nylon, 20% Polyester
  • Seamless

Sizing: Usually in tops, I wear a size small, and the Tracksmith Brighton Base Layer fits well. At 5’8, I do have longer arms, but it covered my entire arm and didn’t feel too tight. The arms are fitted and won’t feel lose but they don’t feel like they are suffocating.

My experience: Of anything from the Tracksmith Fall Collection, this is probably my favorite. I like how lightweight and breathable it is but also that it just fits well. I’ve found it’s good for temperatures down to about 30, and then I need something else on top of it. I’ve washed the Brighton Base Layer a few times now and had no issues with anything coming apart.

Tracksmith Fall Gear Review

Tracksmith Fall Collection: Turnover Tights:

  • Full Length Running Tights
  • Lightweight Fabric With Soft Brushed Back
  • Elasticated Waistband
  • Back Zippered Pocket

Sizing: Typically, in pants, I wear a size 2-4 and a size extra small. I’m 5’8, and finding pants that cover the ankles is challenging. This is a big deal, especially when it’s cold! I ordered the extra small, and while tighter than what I usually prefer, they are fine. Next time I would probably order the size small. They do cover the ankles, so no ankle coldage.

My experience: The Tracksmith Turnover Tights are good. They do fit a lot tighter than most tights I’ve worn. They are definitely a small extra small. They haven’t fallen down while out running (lol, they are probably too tight), but in all, they are good.

While yes, the fleece-lined is nice, it’s hard for me to justify the price of these. There are comparable products from high-end brands including Lululemon, North Face, and Gore. Lululemon is almost full reflective, North Face is designed for sub-zero weather, and Gore is water and wind-resistant. Most leggings that have the qualities of the Tracksmith Turnover Tight come in around $90-100. Again, it’s all that you want to spend your money on. They are good tights, but it’s hard for me personally to justify a $128 pair of tights.

Tracksmith Fall Collection: Inferno Gloves $38:

The Tracksmith Inferno gloves use an “Inverno Blend” from Italy. According to Tracksmith it is a smooth and durable knit, plus it pulls moisture away from the skin. It also allows you to use your phone during a run.

Sizing: The Inferno Gloves come in small and large. I have fairly large hands (I always wear a women’s size large glove) and found the small to be the better fit, but it was tight. The large was a little too loose. I wonder if one day I’ll stretch it too much over my hand, and it will break.

My experience: At “just $38”, the Inferno Gloves are one of the cheaper and more comparable to other brand options. The Tracksmith Inferno Gloves have become one of my more favorite gloves. I’ve washed them a few times with no sign of them wearing out. I’ve also used them for about 32 degrees. If it gets much colder, I will need something warmer, though. I think they are a good midrange glove between temperatures of 30-40.

Tracksmith Fall Gear Review


It’s hard to “get over the cost” of the Tracksmith fall apparel cost. Is it good quality? Yes. It is that much better than other technical gear that is $20-$30 cheaper? No. Like many brands, a lot of what you are paying for is the name Tracksmith. I do appreciate the style of the Tracksmith Fall Apparel.

Most other gear, including the Inferno Gloves and Brighton Base Layer are not that far off other running apparel brands. The problem is, Tracksmith rarely (if ever?) has sales.

Tracksmith  Fall Collection Turnover Conclusion:

I do like the Tracksmith Fall Gear, but it’s hard to look past the price. Do I think the Tracksmith Fall Collection looks good? Yes. Do I think it’s worth the high price tag? TBD.

It’s good clothing and functions well, but it’s hard to justify the cost. If it’s your style and you want to spend more for it, then go for it.

Is it going to make you run faster? No, but you might take good race photos, and that’s what matters these days. If you live in a much colder area that might get down into the teens or even sub-zero, you might want something warmer.

Finally, Tracksmith does run smaller so if you are between sizes, I would go up.

You can purchase Tracksmith Fall Gear here.

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Questions for you:

Do you have any favorite winter brands?

Have you tried the tracksmith fall gear?