Asics Novablast 2 Shoe Review

Asics Novablast 2 Shoe Review

I was excited to try the Asics Novablast 2. Truthfully, I thought I tried the original Novablast, but it turns out it was the Glideride. Anyway, it’s a cushioned trainer from Asics that is also more responsive than many of their shoes like the Nimbus or Cumulus.

Asics Novablast 2 Shoe Review

Asics Novablast 2 Quick Stats:

Weight: 9.7 oz

Heel to Toe Drop: 8 mm

Cost: $130

Asics Novablast 2 Introduction:

The Asics Novablast 2 is different from most other Asics shoes because, while cushioned, it’s still extremely responsive. To be honest, Asics has been stuck in the past with shoes. They had great shoes in the early 2000s, but technology has changed, and they have not changed with it…until late 2020 and early 2021.

The concept for the original Novablast was a high cushioned trainer that you could run faster in. It’s already become one of the most popular shoes from Asics, which says a lot when some of their shoes are nearly 30 models old.

Asics Novablast 2 Shoe Review

Asics Novablast 2 Fit:

I won’t lie; I loved the look of the Asics Novablast 2. Maybe that is why I opted to buy them sooner than later. Rose gold and gold? What a beautiful color combo. Not that shoes are all about color, but it’s nice to like what you are running in.

The upper of the Asics Novablast 2 has been significantly updated since the previous version. It’s now softer and plusher. Asics uses a double layer jacquard mesh upper which feels much more premium. You can see the second layer through the first and it is slightly thicker but breathes well, even in hot desert temperatures.

Something I find interesting is the features Asics uses in the NovaBlast 2. Usually, a thick plush gusseted tongue is reserved for their $150+ shoes. Asics has made the NovaBlast 2 feel premium but not charged a premium price.

Asics Novablast 2 Shoe Review

In all, the upper pretty much disappears off my foot while running, which is how I believe all running shoe uppers should be.

If you’ve never worn an Asics shoe before. It does fit long and narrow. Finding the right fit can be challenging, and I have yet to find an Asics shoe that is excluded from that. Sometimes a size 11 fits best other times; it’s a size 10.5 wide. Each shoe is slightly different. In the Asics Novablast 2, I found the women’s size 11 to fit the best. That’s usually my size in Asics running shoes although I would have probably gotten a size 11 wide if that was an option.

Asics Novablast 2 Shoe Review

Asics Novablast 2 Ride:

While I didn’t run in the original Novablast, I’ve heard Asics made some substantial changes to the second version. It now has more cushion and feels smoother and more stable. One of the biggest complaints of the original Novablast was the lack of stability, but Asics has made it more stable. Keep in mind it’s technically still a “neutral shoe” but you will find it to be more stable than the original Asics Novablast.

The Asics Novablast 2 uses Flytefoam, the same foam as the Magic Speed (a favorite shoe of mine). While it’s the same foam, it sure doesn’t feel like it. The Asics Novablast 2 feels bouncy and soft, where the Magic Speed is much more firm. Each feels great but also so different. It’s weird to imagine it’s the same foam. Asics gains the differences from the geometry of each shoe. The Asics Novablast 2’s midsole is much thicker, which allows your foot to sink into the cushioning like a marshmallow.

Asics Novablast 2 Shoe Review

I usually don’t have an entire category dedicated to stability. Still, I think it’s important to note as Asics did make an effort to update the stability of the Asics Novablast 2. It now uses sidewalls or rails that keep your foot centered. These rails are there if you need them and not if you don’t so that you will find a traditional stability posting, but if you need some stability, they will help. They are also now double stacked to increase durability and prevent your foot from pronating even more.

The outsole of the Asics Novablast 2 still uses the same fork-shaped transition groove that extends from the heel to the forefoot. Asics has also added additional forefoot grooves, which improve flexibility.

Asics Novablast 2 Shoe Review

Durability and Traction: Like many Asics shoes, the Novablast 2 uses AHARPLUS rubber that is soft and flexible. I find it to be one of the most durable rubbers out there. I’ve put nearly 100 miles on the Asics Novablast 2 with no signs of it slowing down. Plus, on rainy or inclement weather days, it doesn’t feel dangerous to run in.

I’ve done several types of runs, including long runs, faster runs and workouts, and a few trail runs in the Novablast 2, and it lives up to whatever I need. I wouldn’t use it to run 400s on the track, but I do think it’s a good option if you’re looking for a daily trainer that can handle most types of runs you need. I like that I can pick up the pace without feeling like I have a tank on my foot.

Asics Novablast 2 Conclusion:

The Novablast 2 has quickly become one of my favorite shoes, and I can see why it’s a fan favorite. I appreciate I’m able to do most types of runs in it. It’s a shoe I could take with me when I have no idea what kind of run I’ll have in store for the day. Truthfully, it feels like a $150 shoe, and I’m surprised it’s “only” $130.

Asics Novablast 2 Shoe Review

My Current Shoe Rotation:

Easy/Daily Runs: Asics Novablast 2, Brooks Aurora, Diadora Mythos Blushield Volo, New Balance 1080 v11Hoka Bondi 7, Brooks Levitate 5

Speed Work: 361 Flame, Nike Tempo Next%, New Balance Fuelcell TC Shoe ReviewReebok Float Ride Run fast Pro,

Long Runs: Hoka Clifton Edge,  Under Armour Sonic HOVR 3

Trail Running/Hiking: Hoka Torrent 2, Saucony Peregrine 11, North Face Flight VECTIV

Races: Asics Metaspeed Sky, Hoka One One Rocket X, adidas Adizero Pro, New Balance Fuelcell 5280Nike Next%,  Saucony Endorphin ProNew Balance fuelcell TCReebok Run fast Pro 

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the Asics Novablast 2?

What is your favorite running shoe? 



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