361 Degrees Spire 4 Shoe Review

361 Degrees Spire 4 Shoe Review

Recently I had an opportunity to run in the 361 Degrees Spire 4. I haven’t run in any 361 Degrees shoes before. Sometime around 2016, I met one of the founders when they came into our local running store. I remember trying them on, liking them, and the fit.

361 Degrees Spire 4 Shoe Review

About 361 Degrees:

According to the 361 Degrees, they go “1 degree more”. 361 Degrees goes beyond expectations to deliver more value, comfort, fit, and performance. They do more, so customers can live a more fulfilled life. Plus, they inspire the audience to go outside their comfort zone to achieve and experience more.

Their technology is built on a few factors:

  • Qu!ckfoam: An EVA rubber blend that provides a combination of cushioning and responsiveness.
  • FITZRite Midfoot: Used to secure and wrap the mid-foot fit while also alleviating unnecessary motion and keeping the foot secure.
  • QU!K Spine: A solid yet lightweight carbon fiber. It acts as a stabilizing force in the shoe to propel you forward as well as maintain durability.

361 Degrees Spire 4 Shoe Review

361 Degrees Spire 4 Quick Facts:

Weight: 10 oz

Heel to Toe Drop:

361 Degrees Spire 4 Fit:

A lot is going on with the 361 Degrees Spire 4. With all of the technology from Quik Spring to Qu!k Foam, it can get slightly confusing. Plus, it has a carbon plate, so is it a super shoe!? Once you break it down, you see you’re working with a versatile and durable trainer.

The 361 Degrees Spire 4 uses an engineered mesh upper, which is breathable. According to 361, the Spire 4 uses ” MORPHIT,” a unique construction in the mid-foot and heel to provide a comfortable, secure, and supportive environment.

The Spire 4 is snug through the midfoot but with plenty of room to allow your toes to breathe. The Spire 4 also has an internal heel counter with the name “Spire” called out. It makes it easy to remember what you are wearing.

361 Degrees Spire 4 Shoe Review

Typically in running shoes, I wear between a 10-11 wide, and the 10.5 fits well.

361 Degrees Spire 4 Shoe Review

361 Degrees Spire 4 Ride:

Since I’ve never run in any 361 shoes, I was excited to see what they were all about. 361 is a stiffer brand than shoes, and that’s because, in the 361 Degrees Spire 4, there is a carbon shank. Now, this isn’t a “full-length carbon plate” you see in super shoes, but it’s there. It helps the 361 Degrees Spire 4 feel cushioned yet snappy. It gives it more range and can be your recovery run, easy run shoe, or pick up the pace because I feel like it shoe. I appreciate how cushioned yet firm and responsible it is.

361 Degrees Spire 4 Shoe Review

There is a lot of cushion in the forefoot of the 361 Degrees Spire 4, which I utilize. Sometimes shoes will add a lot of cushion in the heel but not enough in the forefoot. 361 has added a lot in both.

361 Degrees Spire 4 Shoe Review

I’ve run about 100 miles now in the 361 Degrees Spire 4, and the durability looks awesome. I generally get about 300 miles in shoes because I’m very hard on them, but I think I’ll be able to get more out of these.

I’ve run a few different types of runs in the 361 Degrees Spire 4. I’ve used it on easy days, recovery days, faster tempo runs, and just regular runs. I’ve even used them a few times on open space and trail runs. It has a good spot on regular runs when you aren’t sure exactly how fast you want to go. It’s one of the more versatile trainers out there that running fast doesn’t feel like “more work,” but it feels cushioned if you want to dial it back. They are actually the shoe I have packed incased I want to double somewhere and have no idea what terrain I’ll be running on.

361 Degrees Spire 4 Shoe Review

361 Degrees Spire 4 Conclusion:

I really like the 361 Degrees Spire 4 a lot more than I originally anticipated. I knew I would like it, but I didn’t know I would like it this much. It’s a great versatile shoe that can be used for so many different types of runs. It’s a shoe that I would have in my car if I wanted to run for the day but didn’t know what kind of run. I’m looking forward to trying more 361 Degree shoes.

My Current Shoe Rotation:

Easy/Daily Runs 361 Degree Spire 4, Saucony Freedom 3, Brooks Glycerin 18 Mizuno Rider Waveknit 3Nike Pegasus 37, New Balance 1080 v10Diadora Mythos Blushield Blushield Hip 5,  Hoka Bondi 7Asics GlideRide.

Speed Work: Brooks Hyperion Elite 2Nike Tempo Next%New Balance Fuelcell TC Shoe ReviewReebok Float Ride Run fast Pro,

Long Runs: Hoka Clifton Edge,  Under Armour Sonic HOVR 3

Trail Running/Hiking: Hoka Torrent 2Saucony Peregrine 10New Balance Hierro v5 

Races: Asics MetaRacerNew Balance Fuelcell 5280Nike Next%,  Saucony Endorphin ProNew Balance fuelcell TCReebok Run fast Pro 

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Questions for you:

Have you tried any 361 Degree Shoes? Have you tried the 361 Degree Spire 4?

What is the most versatile shoe in your rotation? 

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