New Year, New Goals BabbleBox Review

Babblebox Review

With the start of the New Year, many of us make new years goals and resolutions. As I mentioned on Instagram, I don’t think anything drastically changes when the clock strikes midnight, BUT I think it gives us all hope.

Recently I had the opportunity to try some new products with Babbleboxx.

This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx, but all thoughts are my own.

Babblebox Review

It was fun to try some new products focused on overall health and wellness for the New Year.

So What was in My Babbleboxx?

Babblebox Review

The Habit Trip Book by Sarah Hayes Coomer

I am a firm believer in creating small habits to reach your goals. Sometimes it feels overwhelming to chase after a large goal, but if you break it down into smaller goals, you’re more likely to achieve it. The Habit Tracker Book is a great way to start any new period in your life trying to create new habits.

It’s not a “diet book.” It is a fill-in-the-blank journaling type of workbook that helps you work through your goals and what you are trying to achieve. For instance, I just finished filling out the page about people who ask who your go-to people are and how seeing or talking with those people impacts your life.

The Habit Trip Book focuses on micro-steps to achieve major results. One thing that sticks out to me is the tone and it brings me both joy and motivation to fill out each day. Each page is interactive and you choose-your-own style between quizzes and journaling.

I really like the Habit Trip Book because it forces you to write down your goals and revisit them. Often, we find ourselves writing a goal but never coming back.  Revisiting goals have helped me feel more connected to them.

Kerasal Hand & Nail Treatment

I’ve never done any nail treatment.  As runners, we put our feet through the wringer. Even buying the best fitting shoes doesn’t always prevent bad looking feet (keep in mind you shouldn’t lose toenails).

Because my feet have gone through the wringer from running, I avoid pedicures altogether. So how can Kerasal Foot Repair help?

About Kerasal Foot Repair:

  • Clinically proven
  • Exfoliates and moisturizes
  • Softens dry and cracked skin

My experience: I saw results with my feet in just a single day (which is rare with anything, or maybe my feet are in rough condition). I found my heels looking less cracked, and they looked better. I won’t say I look l like a foot model, but they look A LOT better than 2 days ago.

Kerasal Foot Repair:
Before using Kerasal Foot repair
Kerasal Foot Repair:
After Kerasal Foot Repair

Kerasal Multi-Purpose Nail Repair:

Another common running issue is toenails. If you’re having nail issues, the Kerasal Multi-Purpose Nail Repair is awesome (and no, I am not just saying that). It’s designed to improve the appearance of nails. It works to reduce discoloration and smooth the surface. While I have all 10 toenails, my toenails have weird ridges and bumps. I’ve found the Kerasal Multi-Purpose Nail Repair to help smooth them out. I honestly just thought I would have uneven nails forever.

I’ve only been using it consistently for 2 weeks but have already seen noticeable results. It’s recommended for fingernails as well, especially if you have gel nail damage.

You can also find Kerasal at Target.

Physician’s Choice Collagen Powder:

If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time, you know how important collagen is to me. It’s the only supplement I see noticeable results. My nails, skin, and hair have noticeable results when I use it. I was excited to see Babbleboxx included it.

First, what is collagen? Collagen is the glue that holds the body together. It’s in our muscles, joints, hair, and skin. The problem is your body doesn’t naturally produce collagen, so when you start to lose it, it’s noticeable.

Since taking collagen several years ago, my body has noticeable results, including longer hair and stronger nails. What makes Physician’s Choice Different? It uses DigeSEB, which are clinically proven digestive enzymes. They help your body absorb and digest collagen. It’s also odorless and tasteless, which means it can be added to anything.


I personally like to add it to my coffee in the morning. 

Physician’s Choice Probiotic:

The Physicians Choice Probiotic is a natural Prebiotic + Probiotic. This means it’s the optimized combination to support immune and feminine health.

My experience: Any Probiotic is going to take time to adjust to. I’ve been lucky that digestion issues aren’t something I’ve dealt a lot with. A couple of weeks after taking Physician’s Choice Probiotic, I felt a lot less bloated. Was that because I was a couple of weeks away from the holidays or because the Probiotic worked well? I think it was a combination of both.

Collagen and probiotic

Plus, right now, Physician’s Formula products are 25% off using the code: NEWYEAR25.

*Does not apply to bundles or Subscriptions.

Veestro Meal Delivery Service:

Veestro Meal Delivery Service is a plant-based meal delivery service. As most people know by now, in 2020 and I got more into cooking and trying new meals. I got so bored with the same few things. Veestro is 100% plant-based (great for vegetarians, vegans, or, honestly, anyone who wants to try plant-based meals). While I’m neither, I enjoy trying new types of meals.

Veestro Meal Delivery Service:

Veestro Meal Delivery Service arrived at my door over dry ice. Everything was fresh. It’s also fully prepared, so you don’t have to spend hours cooking it.

My favorite meal was the Miso Udon Soup. I enjoyed how thick and filling the soup was, and it was comforting on a cold and somewhat miserable day. Other meals I tried were the country-fried chicken and Beluga Lentil Braise. I enjoyed each one, and I would definitely eat them again. When I go back to work, I think Veestro would be an easy lunch or dinner meal idea.

Veestro Meal Delivery Service:

Plus, using the discount code BABBLE25 saves you 25% off! 


In the last two weeks, I’ve been pleased with everything in the Babbleboxx. Often products state “noticeable results,” but I don’t see them. The collagen+the Kerasal multi-purpose nail repair has shown noticeable results to my nail beds. I also find myself creating and following through on habits I’ve wanted to create for myself. Sometimes I wondered if that would EVER happen.

I think the Habit of Trip alone is a book for anyone who wants to create healthy habits in a motivational and joyful way.

Finally, Veestro Meals is perfect for someone on the go or wants to eat healthy but not spend hours cooking. It’s perfect for anyone going back to work or just busy and prioritizing other parts of their lives. Even if you want to try plant-based meals but have no idea where to start, Veestro is a great option.

Thank you, Babbleboxx, for sponsoring this post.

Questions for you:

Have you tried any of these?

What is your favorite plant-based meal? 


  1. What a great box! You got some fabulous things. That meal delivery service sounds awesome.

    1. I appreciate not cooking every night and just wanting quick and easy meals. I would probably rather not cook any night. LOL

  2. It seems that this box has quite a few nice products inside! I’d need to use Kerasal Foot Repair! 🙂

    1. Yes! My feet do look better and honestly it works fairly quickly.

  3. I am very intrigued by that book. Sounds like something that would help me follow through with goals.

    1. I’ve found it really helpful Jennie! It also makes chasing a goal a lot more enjoyable.

  4. There are some great things in the Babblebox. I like that they include a book as well, to encourage women to read. The meal service is a great surprise, usually subscription boxes don’t include this.

  5. What an amazing box you have here! That meal delivery service sounds so good for nights I am not in the mood to cook after a long day at work!

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