GRIT Summer Distance Project Week 1

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As I mentioned last week, I’m participating in the GRIT Summer Distance Project. I signed up to run 300 miles in 30 days. Some years that wouldn’t be a “difficult” accomplishment, but I haven’t been running as much in 2019, 2020. I started last Monday. Even though it’s not a “race”, it’s something to train for, so I wanted to bring back training logs. I also have a Strava if you’re interested.

Since I’m also moving across the country, it makes it even more exciting because I almost ran in a different state each day.

Monday: 11.4 Miles Easy in Chambersburg, Pa (9:51 pace). It was hilly and hot, with a lot of elevation gain.

Tuesday: 11.15 Miles Easy Toledo, Oh (8:32 pace). It was an easy rail to trails path on the University of Toledo campus. Felt good.

Wednesday: 11 Miles Moderate Chicago, Il (8:06 pace). + 1.22 miles (10:09 pace). The 11 miles felt challenging but not overwhelmingly hard. I was working, though. Low 8s isn’t my easy run pace, so it was a moderate effort. When I finished, my husband was stretching out and jogging, so I ended up running another mile with him.

Thursday: 11.10 Miles Easy St. Paul, Mn (8:57 pace) Fairly boring run along the rails to trails Greenway path in St. Paul.

Friday: 11.11 Miles Easy Bismarck, ND (9:12) Hilly run through Bismarck, Nd. One of my favorite and it had plenty of dirt trails as well as a beautiful view of the Missouri.

Saturday: 11.07 Miles Big Sky, MT (10:29 pace)  My favorite run so far. Climbed 1040 feet and ran through the mountains on Montana. Maybe the most challenging run of the week.

Sunday: 11 Miles Big Sky, MT (10:15) Less elevation climb than the previous day but still very challenging. Big Sky is just over 6000 feet, so I just took it easy.


In all, it’s been a good week of running. I would like to get workouts in, but it’s just too much (for me) with traveling as well as running big miles. I’ll continue to run how my body feels. It’s been one of the most diverse weeks of running I’ve had so far.

If you want to sign up for the GRIT Summer Distance Project, you can anytime. Plus, you can save $5 by using the code LOLZ5. This week, Asics is giving away a pair of Metaracers (their carbon plate shoe) every single day to a random race participant. You can start whenever you want and challenge yourself to run different challenge distances between 75-300 miles.

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Questions for you:

What is your favorite state to run in?

Have you ever done a summer running challenge? 



  1. This year I did the Runners World run streak. Not content to run just 1 mile in a day just to say I did, it was nothing less than three or four. Injury prone as I am, I don’t think I would try that challenge.

    1. You don’t have to do 300 miles Chris! They have a 25 mile challenge (which is less than 1 mile for 30 days). You can do any of them and still be entered to win any of the prizes.

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